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Download the new Game Space app from OnePlus' Android Q beta

Many smartphone manufacturers, including OnePlus, have been integrating their own game mode tweaks that allow you to enjoy a title with enhanced performance or diminished interruptions. A new app by OnePlus called "Game Space" builds upon the company's existing Gaming and "Fnatic" modes, giving you a gallery-style launcher for of all your installed games, plus quick access to game mode's configuration options outside the Settings app.

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Samsung Captivate And Vibrant Finally Get GPS "Fix" Via GPSSamsungRestore App

The Galaxy S phones are, without a doubt, among the best Android phones out there, but for some time now, the handsets have been plagued by one potential showstopper - malfunctioning GPS capabilities. Worry not, though - in addition to an update that rolled out a few months ago, Samsung has developed an app called GPSSamsungRestore which is now available from the Android Market for all users of AT&T's Captivate and T-Mobile's Vibrant. So what does it do? It undoes any modifications to the GPS and basically reverts it to its original state. While it remains to be seen how reverting the GPS to its original, broken state fixes it, I suppose it can't hurt to give it a shot if you're a Captivate or Vibrant owner.

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