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Here are the Android Q Beta image links for third-party devices and some quirks to watch for

If you don't have a Pixel phone to get into that sweet, sweet Android Q Beta business, you've got more than a dozen third-party phones that can help you get there. But with each phone comes its own catches, so we'll patch you through to the resources you need from the OEMs.

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Oppo's Reno 10x lets you zoom closer than any Samsung phone - and costs way less

10x zoom seems to be a new benchmark for smartphone camera performance these days, and the latest company to offer a high-powered optical-hybrid zoom solution is Oppo, with its new Reno 10x flagship. The 10x refers to 10x zoom, which on the Reno is achieved by combining a 6x optical zoom 13MP "periscope" camera with output from the super high-res 48MP primary sensor on the phone for what Oppo calls a 10x "hybrid" zoom experience. The only other major smartphone offering similar optics is Huawei's P30 Pro, which starts at over $800 in the Chinese market. The Oppo Reno 10x will cost under $600 (3999CNY) for the base 6GB/128GB configuration in China - putting a very significant price gap between the two.

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Oppo Reno is official with 10x hybrid zoom and pop-up front camera

We just covered a massive leak of the Oppo Reno yesterday, where all of its specs were spilled but there was no word on pricing. Today, the company has officially announced the device and said it's bringing two variants to the market: the 10x Zoom Edition and the Standard Edition.

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