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'Superzoom' lenses will be the biggest thing to happen to smartphone cameras in years

For all the fanfare ultra wide angle cameras receive on the internet, it’s getting closer that has long presented the greatest frustration in smartphone photography. Digital zoom has been the stuff of tech-savvy humor for years, a feature reserved for those so illiterate in their usage of cameras as to not understand that it achieves the same end effect as cropping an un-zoomed photo with a simple editor. Why zoom at all, we say, when the camera isn’t able to gather any more data, but instead actually destroys it, and all for the sake of a noisy, blurry photo? While this has a strong ring of “technically true,” I also believe it fundamentally ignores and misunderstands why people use zoom in the first place - and also why I believe optical superzoom systems are the future of smartphone cameras.

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Oppo's Reno 10x lets you zoom closer than any Samsung phone - and costs way less

10x zoom seems to be a new benchmark for smartphone camera performance these days, and the latest company to offer a high-powered optical-hybrid zoom solution is Oppo, with its new Reno 10x flagship. The 10x refers to 10x zoom, which on the Reno is achieved by combining a 6x optical zoom 13MP "periscope" camera with output from the super high-res 48MP primary sensor on the phone for what Oppo calls a 10x "hybrid" zoom experience. The only other major smartphone offering similar optics is Huawei's P30 Pro, which starts at over $800 in the Chinese market. The Oppo Reno 10x will cost under $600 (3999CNY) for the base 6GB/128GB configuration in China - putting a very significant price gap between the two.

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