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TWRP Released For Five New Devices, Including Xiaomi Mi Max, NVIDIA Shield Portable, Moto G4, And More

It's time for a hot and fresh batch of TWRP releases, everyone. Today, we've got five new devices that now officially support TeamWin Recovery Project, for all of your flashing and recovery needs. Those devices and their respective links are, in no particular order:

As something in the way of a housekeeping note, the NVIDIA Shield Portable has long had unofficial TWRP support, but this is the first time it has actually received a proper, stable TWRP release. Surprising, I guess. The Xiaomi Mi Max just launched, so TWRP contributors wasted no time there, and the same goes for the Moto G4 (the G4 Plus should have no need for a separate recovery image - they're basically the same phone in regard to firmware).

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OPPO F1, The First Phone In The New F Series, Is Now Up For Pre-Order In Various Countries

When OPPO announced the F1 at the start of this year's CES, it didn't include much in the way of details. Now the device is available for pre-order. It costs $249, 229, or the equivalent in your local currency. To reserve a unit, OPPO wants a $5/5 deposit. OPPO says some units will go out in early February.

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Oppo Announces New Mid-Range Photo-Focused F Series, F1 Coming In January Without Tangible Details

OPPO just announced that it was planning to announce a new phone soon. That's the gist of the story really. I guess the company wanted to jumpstart the CES news cycle by a couple of hours, without being ready to fully unveil all the specifics.

After receiving lots of positive feedback for its cameras on flagship devices, Oppo has decided to bring its photography experience to the mid-range. Everyone likes to take photos and Oppo wants to make it affordable without having to dig deep into your pockets for the top-of-the-line specs on all fronts. The result is the new Oppo F series, of which the F1 will be soon announced and ready to launch in January.

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