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Realme’s latest 7 Pro gets you 65W superfast charging and stereo speakers on a budget

Focusing almost exclusively on the budget to mid-tier segments, Oppo spinoff Realme has gained ground in India’s burgeoning smartphone market pretty quickly, and the same can be said for Europe. The emerging brand announced its mid-range Realme 6 line in March, but it’s already getting a follow-up with the Realme 7 and 7 Pro. The two new phones sit in the sub-$300 bracket but still pack some cutting-edge tech.

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Pixel 4a is the latest Android phone to support Netflix HD, HDR10 streaming

We live in the year 2020 and Netflix still feels the need to list which Android phones, tablets, and associated silicon can support streaming shows in HD and in HDR10. The company is usually slow to update that list, but even so, if you're wondering if your newly-purchased slab can take on all the resolution you need to watch "Stranger Things" again, we've got the list for you. The latest (predictable) addition on it is the new Pixel 4a.

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TeamViewer now supports full remote control of Pixel, Xiaomi, and Oppo devices

Troubleshooting complicated phone issues with family members who live long distances away can be tough, especially since every Android skin is different. The TeamViewer QuickSupport app makes it easy to allow remote access to a device for trusted technicians and/or knowledgeable relatives, but it didn't support full integration with Pixel and Nexus devices — until now.

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Oppo's Wear OS Apple Watch clone is officially launching globally this fall

When I attended Oppo's Inno Day event in December 2019, the company described its grand plans for 2020, particularly in the wearables segment. After launching its very first smartwatch exclusively in China alongside the Find X2 phone series back in March, Oppo is now bringing a Wear OS version to global markets. Three sets of budget true wireless earbuds are also being made available more widely.

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Oppo tipped to release an international version of its smartwatch with Wear OS

Back in March, Chinese manufacturer Oppo announced its first smartwatch, sporting a design similar to the one of an Apple Watch. The device, called the Oppo Watch, was exclusively meant to be sold on the Chinese Market and ran an in-house Android-based OS. However, a new promotional video seems to point the company is about to release a refreshed version of the product that will ship with Wear OS.

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Realme announces 125W UltraDart charging tech, which sounds awfully familiar

It’s only now that we’re seeing 30W charging speeds available more widely on phones and faster 65W tech is slowly making its way into the mainstream. Now Realme has an even quicker solution that is capable of topping up your phone from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes. The Chinese smartphone maker today introduced its 125W UltraDart charging standard — if you're getting déjà vu, it's because this is eerily similar to the technology launched by sister company Oppo just yesterday.

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Oppo introduces a 125W charger that can top up your phone in 20 minutes

Oppo promised a delivery of massive power yesterday. Today, it brings on the surge with the announcement of four charging products: a 50W wall charger based on its SuperVOOC standard, a conceptual 65W AirVOOC wireless pad, a 110W mini flash charger, and a 125W full-size flash charger.

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OPPO invigorates power adapter arms race with 125W charging tech


Galaxy S20 family formally joins list of devices supporting AR objects in Google Search

On many Android devices, Google Search lets you view tons of 3D models like animals, pets, skeletons, cells, Neil Armstrong's spacesuit, and much more. With the tap of a button, you can move these objects into your home and see them as though they were in your camera's viewfinder. It's even possible to snap photos and take videos. The list of supported phones is ever-expanding — devices like the Sony Xperia 1 II, the Poco X2, the Xiaomi Redmi K30, and Samsung's Galaxy Tab S6 Lite made the cut we when checked in at the beginning of June, and now a few more are popping up, including the flagship Galaxy S20 series.

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The Android 11 Beta is coming to these phones

Google dropped the first Android 11 Beta yesterday, which means functionality is getting close to what we can expect in the final, stable version. This is usually the stage at which other OEMs are brought on board so developers and enthusiasts can install the Android Beta on devices other than Google Pixels, and now Oppo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus are announcing support for several of their phones.

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