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Google wants to fix Android 10's terrible workflow for opening links by default in your chosen apps

When Android 10's beta rolled out, one issue confused and annoyed me: Opening supported links in their corresponding apps was transformed into a terrible workflow that made little sense to me. But I got used to it and didn't complain about it, until Artem started using his Pixel 4 and noticed the same problem. As he usually does, he vented about it on Twitter, inciting similar complaints from dozens of users and a comment from Googler Glen Murphy who confirmed that the issue was being looked into.

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PSA: Samsung's recent updates have added back the choice to set apps as default or pick them once only

If you have one of Samsung's devices that were released in the past couple of years, chances are it either has had this annoying behavior since the start (Galaxy S7 / S7 edge) or it was introduced with some update (Note 4). What's the annoying behavior? When you get the dialog to choose a default app to open a certain file or link or handle a certain action, you don't get any chance to make a temporary choice for once. Whatever app you tapped would be set as default. And that meant that the only way to remove the default was to go into the app's settings and clear the defaults.

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[New App] "Better Open With" Makes Your Complete Action Dialog Smarter

Android has always made it easy to replace default apps, but managing the defaults still isn't very good. Even the recent improvements to the "complete action" dialog box are only half measures. Always or just once? Surely there's room for more nuance? That's what Better Open With gives you.

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Getting To Know Android 4.1, Part 4: Miscellaneous Stuff, The New Default App Picker, And Insight From A Googler!

GTKA is back! For those that don't know, this is the series where we compare the new version of Android to the previous one, in excruciating detail. I'm going to dub this the "Miscellaneous edition," because there is a bunch of new things I want to talk about, but they don't really fit into a nice, organized category. (This doesn't mean I'm running out of things to talk about, not by a long shot.) The usual GTKA style applies, Ice Cream Sandwich is on the left, Jelly Bean is on the right. Let's get to it:


Has anyone else noticed a general toning down of the Tron design from Honeycomb to ICS to Jelly Bean?

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