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Massive Mozilla cuts threaten the future of Firefox

Mozilla has been around for over 20 years, but the current economic conditions in the US are affecting everyone in new ways. In a blog post, CEO Mitchell Baker has outlined some consequences of the pandemic, including a major loss of revenue that has lead to restructuring that will see the company become smaller and more focused on keeping itself out of the foxhole.

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The FCC has killed net neutrality protections in the US, and that's bad

Net neutrality was codified under the FCC's Title II regulatory authority nearly three years ago, regulations that covered both wired and wireless internet providers. The providers were none too happy about this - Verizon's morse code sass being the most memorable response.

Today, the FCC voted to end its authority over ISPs under Title II, putting an end to those net neutrality protections. Ajit Pai, chairman of the FCC, is largely credited with making this happen. This is all, to put it succinctly, very bad.

Today, you'll probably hear a lot about how your favorite websites will slow down, be blocked, or only be available as part of special paid packages.

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The European Commission Reaches An Agreement To End Roaming Charges In June 2017 And Guarantee An Open Internet

The European Commission has been trying to establish a Digital Single Market (DSM) that makes goods and services accessible to everyone in the EU and broadens the reach and potential of start-ups, businesses, and governments. The legislation has been marching toward its approval and application, and today marks the first step on the path toward the DSM. The European Parliament, Council, and Commission have agreed, after almost two years of proposals and negotiations, on the first crucial pillar of this plan: a single market in telecoms.

That means two important changes in the telecom industry are about to be implemented in the EU: the end of roaming charges and the establishment of an open Internet.

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