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Huawei Is Selling The Nexus 6P Through Its US Website, Too - Here's Why You Might Want To Consider It

The Google Store is already taking pre-orders for the Nexus 6P, and I'm sure a ton of you have already placed one. But there's an alternative you might want to check out, at least if you live in the US: Huawei's own online storefront. The manufacturer is also selling the phone directly to consumers, with a shipping date of late October. The prices are the same as the Google Store, but there are a few pros and cons for selecting Huawei as your phone vendor instead. Let's break them down:


  • Google and Huawei may be drawing from different stock, so lower order numbers on Huawei's site might mean you get your phone sooner.
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[Deal Alert] Take 50% Off Of First-Party Phone Accessories Below $50 In Samsung's Online Store

Samsung makes some surprisingly solid accessories for its mobile phones. A lot of people don't know this, because those accessories are really, really expensive, at least compared to most of the alternatives available. Today you can take half off of all the accessories - cases, cables, mounts, batteries, anything - that you buy from the official Samsung online store. But there's a catch: the coupon code is only good on items with individual prices below $50.


That caps your savings at $25 per accessory, but you can buy as many as you like at once and use the same coupon code (r1H01X01).

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