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iHeartRadio is coming soon to Google Home, Samsung's Family Hub, more

iHeartRadio, the online radio service, recently announced its paid on-demand All Access plans and it's now officially making them available (even though they have been accessible for almost a month). But that's not what we're here for. Another announcement coming from the company at CES is its upcoming integration with Google Home and a few other hardware and software partners.

Google Home support isn't live yet, but when it becomes available, you'll be able to play iHeartRadio stations or artists by asking the Assistant to do so. It looks like the integration will be direct, like Spotify works now, without requiring you first to speak to iHeartRadio and then ask for a station, but that's an assumption based on the vague PR description.

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[Deal Alert] Get A 6-Month Pandora One Subscription For 20% Off ($24 Instead Of $30)

Does Google Play Music All Access not quench your thirst for music streaming and random audio discoveries? Do you fail to see the appeal behind Spotify's playlists? Then maybe you use Pandora as your audio station and let it curate music just the way you like it... except when you don't and can't skip that horrible tune it just threw in your ears because you've already used your skips for the day.

Your solution is a Pandora One subscription, a $4.99/month subscription that gives you more daily skips and lesser timeouts, while also removing ads. But if $4.99 is too much to pay, or if you're already a Pandora One subscriber and want to save a bit, there's a sweet little deal over on StackSocial that you may be interested in.

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SiriusXM Gets A New Look For Version 3.0, But Users Say The Update Is Full Of Bugs

The makers of SiriusXM's Android client, an Internet version of the notable satellite radio streams, seem to take positive delight in ignoring Android design guidelines. Before today, the app looked like a lazy port of the iOS version... and the iOS version wasn't exactly a looker to start with.

unnamed (4) unnamed unnamed (5)

SiriusXM for Android, circa 2014. Or possibly RealPlayer for Windows Mobile, circa 2004. It's hard to tell.

The updated version of the app doesn't exactly look like Material Design, or even Holo (apparently said app developers aren't Android Police readers), but at least it looks like something designed this decade.

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