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Official OnePlus Nord promo video offers tantalizing glimpses of upcoming phone

OnePlus says that the Nord will be the first phone under its banner in a long time to fall under the $500 watermark. It also says that this project is dragging the brand into a new direction. But if you're really in for a tease, the company has a new video just for you.

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OnePlus fixes yet another security flaw that may have exposed sensitive customer data

A security vulnerability in OnePlus' out-of-warranty repair invoicing system has been fixed. The vulnerability, which was discovered on June 30th, exposed customer details including full names, phone numbers, email addresses, IMEI numbers, and physical addresses. The system affected is run by a third-party vendor and is only used by US customers. Android Police disclosed details of the vulnerability to OnePlus after receiving a tip from a reader, and OnePlus does not believe it was ever actively exploited.

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T-Mobile shuts down Sprint's 5G network to redeploy spectrum

T-Mobile will shut down Sprint's 5G network in order to rework its spectrum into its own 5G grid. While those with a Galaxy S20 series device on Sprint will be able to use 5G on either network, other 5G phone owners will eventually have to migrate to those S20s. The upcoming changes have been announced as the recently-merged carriers begin integrating their separate cellular infrastructure into a cohesive network — a process that's expected to take 3 years.

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OnePlus Day deals this week include phone bundles with free wireless earbuds

OnePlus has always been known for providing a lot of bang for your buck. Its recent devices may cost more than the original OnePlus One did, but they're also a lot more powerful. We called the OnePlus 8 Pro "the most phone you can get for the price," and its little sibling didn't fare too badly, either. Now the company is looking to offer up even more value with new deals every Wednesday in an effort called OnePlus Day.

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The OnePlus Nord will be 5G-enabled and cost less than $500

The drip-feeding of information about the next OnePlus phone continues apace, and we now know that the price of the upcoming Nord will be "below $500," or "€500 in Europe." The pricing was confirmed by the company to TechRadar after an exclusive interview with Carl Pei, Assistant Head of OnePlus Nord.

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OnePlus confirms Nord as the name of its next smartphone

OnePlus has been teasing its next phone with various shenanigans on Instagram and now it's finally revealed the actual name. It's not the OnePlus 8 Lite or the OnePlus Z, but Nord, as had also been rumored previously. More than just a single smartphone OnePlus is referring to Nord as a new product line, so we could see a range of new trinkets with this new branding.

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Upcoming OnePlus Nord tipped to have two selfie cameras

With OnePlus gearing up to launch a mid-tier phone it has reportedly codenamed "Nord," there's new word that this phone will be the brand's first to come with two selfie cameras.

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OnePlus 'Nord' might be the name of the long-rumored budget phone

The "Nord" name seems to be attached to an upcoming OnePlus product — likely the rumored mid-range phone we've heard so much about recently. A since-deleted post on the company's "onepluslitezthing" Instagram account included an image with the "Nord" and "OnePlus Nord" names, with text that said it was "almost ready for launch."

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OnePlus CEO teases upcoming 'affordable smartphone product line'

OnePlus signaled its intention to make a cheaper phone last month and rumors have been swirling for even longer, with potential names like the OnePlus 8 Lite or OnePlus Z being bandied about. CEO Pete Lau has now confirmed the existence of the upcoming device. In a blog post on the company's forum, he says the same "premium, flagship experience" will soon be coming to "a new, more affordable smartphone product line."

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OnePlus 8 Pro is finally back in stock at the OnePlus store

As anyone who's been in the market for a OnePlus 8 Pro recently will know, the phone has been out of stock in many markets for over a month. The shortage has gotten so drastic that they've been selling for hundreds over MSRP in the US. Luckily, OnePlus's supply issues seem to have subsided a bit, as the 256GB variant is back in stock on both OnePlus's site and Amazon.

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