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The rumored OnePlus 8 Lite could launch as the OnePlus Z later in the year

It looks like we're going to see two flagship smartphones launch as part of the OnePlus 8 series on April 14. The Chinese company was previously expected to add a mid-range ‘Lite’ handset to this mix, but it sounds like this has been deferred to a later date. The OnePlus 8 Lite is now rumored to come out as the OnePlus Z — succeeding the five-year-old OnePlus X, which wasn’t received all that well at the time.

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OnePlus is silent about Nougat for the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, and owners are pissed

The OnePlus 3 and 3T were some of the best phones of last year, especially given their low prices. Both phones were updated to Nougat at the end of 2016, being among the first non-Google devices to receive the new version. Unfortunately, OnePlus has yet to update the OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X to Nougat, and isn't communicating with customers.

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CyanogenMod 14.1 nightlies are up for the Sprint Galaxy S III, OnePlus X, Moto E (2014 and 15), Moto G4/G4 Plus, Kindle Fire HDX, Xiaomi Mi5, and more

CyanogenMod has seen better days as an organization, but the team behind the open-source Android custom ROM doesn't seem to be slowing down its prodigious output. In the last week new nightly builds have been added for no less than ten new phones and tablets, including notable models from Motorola, Samsung, OnePlus, and Amazon. All of them now have CM 14.1 (based on Android 7.1.1 AOSP code) builds available.

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OnePlus X is finally receiving stable OxygenOS builds of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

It may have taken an extraordinarily long time, but OnePlus is finally sending out stable Marshmallow OTAs to the OnePlus X, the company's budget phone, in the form of OxygenOS 3.1.2 (and now 3.1.3). Although OnePlus did begin offering Marshmallow in the form of the OxygenOS 3.1.0 Community Build over a month ago, it had a few bugs that needed to be weeded out. At last, 6.0.1 is ready for prime time on the X.

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OnePlus releases new OxygenOS community builds for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus X

OnePlus is continuing its efforts to merge HydrogenOS and OxygenOS into a single, unified build of Android. There are new community builds of OxygenOS for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus X. Neither one includes a jump to Nougat, but there are some new features.

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OxygenOS 3.1.0 Community Build now available for OnePlus X

The OnePlus X is a great little device for $250, with its borderline-flagship specs and small form factor. Although OnePlus has said they don't intend on making a direct successor to the X, at least they are still updating it. Starting today, OnePlus is making the Oxygen 3.1.0 Community Build (based on Android 6.0.1) available for the OnePlus X, just in time for Android 7.0.

If you're unfamiliar, OnePlus tends to release Community Builds of an update before the OTAs begin to roll out. The OxygenOS 3.1.0 build brings changes from Android 6.0.1, new icon packs for the launcher, a new wallpaper picker, and various Shelf UX improvements.

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OnePlus Lowers Prices Of The OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, And OnePlus X

The OnePlus 3 is coming. So do you start saving up money to buy the latest device? You could... or you can do your budget a favor and grab one of the company's existing devices. OnePlus has just dropped the prices for all three of its phones.

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CyanogenMod 13 Nightly Builds Now Available For The OnePlus X

Relatively low prices and a wide-open attitude towards user customization make OnePlus phones popular with the ROM crowd. They're getting a big boon today, as official CyanogenMod support comes to the smaller, cheaper OnePlus X. The X is equipped with the custom Oxygen OS, but for those who prefer the community-built ROM, CM13 is now available in nightly build flavor. The first release is up on CyanogenMod's download page right now.

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TWRP Custom Recovery Now Available On The OnePlus X And The Honor 5X

The OnePlus X and the Honor Huawei 5X have a lot in common: relatively low prices, slick case designs, and far-reaching marketing campaigns. And now both of them can be loaded with the fan-favorite Team Win Recovery Project, a custom Android recovery that makes loading custom ROMs and other modifications easy. Users can download the recovery images at the official TWRP site, here and here.

The Android community (or at least that part of it that uses custom recoveries) tends to gravitate around certain models, if only because there are so many these days that it's impossible to support every one with every ROM.

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You No Longer Need An Invite To Buy A OnePlus X

Starting today, the OnePlus X will no longer require an invite for purchase. Or, as any other manufacturer would say, the phone is now (actually) available. Yes, this is a very OnePlus-specific reason to get excited, but here we are nonetheless.

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