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OnePlus Warp Charge Type-C Cable


OnePlus 7 Pro cases and USB-C Bullets are 25% off at T-Mobile

So, you've bought your OnePlus 7 Pro. What now? Is it time to accessorize? Well, if you didn't decide to on purchase, you can do so today with T-Mobile — most cables and adapters for the new phone are 25% off. And if you've decided to pick up a OnePlus 6T, you can get a Karbon Bumper Case for more than half off.

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Old OnePlus Dash / Fast charge cables charge the 7 Pro at full Warp 30 speed

OnePlus' Warp Charge standard pushes up to 30W to the company's latest 7 Pro, delivering 50% more power compared to the previous 20W Dash Charging system. And although OnePlus has decided to charge $5 more for Warp Charge cables, the older, cheaper Dash-compatible cables work just as well according to both a OnePlus product manager and our own tests.

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