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A Google Engineer Who Works On USB Type-C Products Is Reviewing And Identifying Out-Of-Spec Potentially Dangerous Third-Party Cables And Adapters

We're seeing more and more devices come to the market with USB Type-C charging ports instead of MicroUSB. The new standard is reversible, more convenient, and potentially faster and more powerful than the previous Type-A one. (David Ruddock wrote a detailed explanation that I advise you to read in order to understand the intricate details of this new connector.) However, it is creating a bit of a ruffle with consumers who are now opening up their brand new Nexus 5X boxes, for example, only to find a Type-C charger and a single cable included. In order to charge those shiny phones from computers and traditional Type-A chargers, they have to buy new cables and adapters.

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[Update: 3,300mAh Battery] OnePlus Confirms Snapdragon 810 (v2.1) Powers The OnePlus 2, Will Reveal More Specs Piece-By-Piece

Remember how exciting incredibly annoying it was when OnePlus revealed the OnePlus One a single spec at a time? Well, that's happening again this year. The company has just posted on the official forums to let everyone know what processor the OnePlus 2 will be using—it's the Snapdragon 810. Get your overheating jokes ready.


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OnePlus 2 Will Be "Under $450," CEO Says It Has "Never Been About The Price," Which Is Right Apart From Being Completely Wrong

OnePlus is, if nothing else, impressive for the disproportional amount of attention it receives relative to the number of phones it sells. And that's probably in part because OnePlus does ridiculous things like tease out a new phone for literally months on end to build up hype, and also offers things it sometimes cannot deliver on.

However, the primary reason OnePlus has received consistent attention in the last year? The price of its product. At $300, the One offered $600+ flagship-level specifications at a jaw-dropper of a price, and that phone is now down to just $250 if you want to order it today.

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