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OnePlus Switch adds support for migrating wallpapers, home screens, and more

Last year, OnePlus released a handy app for migrating to a new device, called OnePlus Switch. Even though Google already backs up some app data and settings to the cloud, OnePlus Switch can transfer even more information — provided you're coming from a supported device.

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OnePlus 6 Open Beta 3 brings new Assistant launch method, Switch improvements, and more

OnePlus is pushing out Open Beta updates for its latest flagship quickly. The phone is already on its third version (we skipped the last one since it was rather boring), this time with more improvements across the board, plus some new features. OnePlus Switch is getting some refinements, Parallel Apps is expanding to include more options, and there's even an option to launch Assistant (or other voice assistant) by holding the power button for half a second.

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OnePlus Switch v1.2 supports moving app data and downloads between phones, fixes transfer data repeat issue

OnePlus Switch is an app that lets people quickly migrate their stuff from an old phone to a OnePlus device. It comes standard on OP phones now, going back to the 3/3T. The app just got updated to v1.2, addressing a few issues and improving what can be transferred.

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OnePlus Switch app updated with local backups

There's one thing tinkerers everywhere can depend on: no matter how many times you do things right, every once in a while something goes wrong. When it comes to Android phones, that means it's good to keep backups if you plan on tweaking things at a root or ROM level. OnePlus seems to understand that, as the company has just added a local backups feature to its OnePlus Switch app.

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OnePlus 3/3T Open Beta adds face unlock, Switch app, and more

OnePlus has been in the news for a few bad reasons lately, which to me has further solidified my dichotomous feelings toward the company, but that's not stopping it from churning software updates. Up today we have the OnePlus 3 and 3T, which are getting bumped to the Open Beta 30 and 21, respectively, with the same changelog for both.

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OnePlus releases 'Switch' app for migrating to a new device

Google has offered its own basic device backup/restore tool as part of Google Play Services for years, and an actual migration tool is present on Pixel devices (which allows for USB transfer from iPhones, among other improvements). OnePlus has now released its own migration tool, simply titled 'OnePlus Switch.'

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