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5 OxygenOS tips and tricks you may have forgotten about

Many of us on the Android Police team feel that, of all the various Android skins out there, OnePlus' OxygenOS strikes the right balance of useful extras and no useless nonesense — one of the reasons many of us would pick over more cluttered and bloated interfaces like MIUI and ColorOS. But some of OxygenOS' many are still handy tricks are scattered across the Settings app, buried deep under layers of sub-sections —  keeping them out of sight.

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OnePlus tests new toggle for Shelf and Google Discover in Launcher (APK Download)

Most phone manufacturers have integrated the Google Discover feed into their home screen launchers for years, but OnePlus only started doing it with the OnePlus 8 series. The Discover feed completely replaced the old 'Shelf' pane that was present on previous models, but OnePlus later brought it back with a settings option, and now the company is testing an easier toggle for the process.

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The OnePlus Shelf is back from the dead, gets swipe-down access in latest OP8 launcher beta

The OnePlus "Shelf" is back from the dead for OnePlus 8 series owners. After the company killed it in favor of Google Discover on the 8 and 8 Pro (a wise move, in our opinion), OnePlus has now found a way to bring it back as an optional feature with a swipe-down trigger in the latest OnePlus Launcher Beta.

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Dark Mode Quick Settings toggle coming to OxygenOS, plus other tweaks planned

As part of its monthly Q&A (or FAQ — the company calls it both), OnePlus has just revealed a handful of smaller but still much-appreciated tweaks we can look forward to in its OxygenOS software. In addition to finally getting the Dark Mode toggle we've been clamoring for, we can also look forward to multitasking interface tweaks, lower volume settings, and other minor launcher fixes — though each change is tied to its own separate schedule.

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OnePlus Launcher 4.4 brings updated app switcher to OnePlus phones (APK Download)

The app switcher on Android used to be a core part of the operating system, but with the introduction of gesture navigation, it's now a component of your device's home screen launcher. This means it can be updated outside of OS upgrades, and that's exactly what is happening on OnePlus devices.

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OnePlus Launcher update brings AMOLED black shelf and app-label hiding, teardown reveals OnePlus 8 may be coming to Verizon

A new version of the OnePlus Launcher has been spotted in the wild, and it includes a few interesting tweaks. In addition to a new AMOLED black Shelf card background, this latest update also allows for hiding icon labels if you're after that super clean look. Lastly, the updated app harbors some secrets that reveal a Verizon OnePlus 8 might be in the works.

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Seven features we want to see OnePlus add to OxygenOS

The lightly tweaked version of Android that OnePlus phones use, called OxygenOS, has some pretty big advantages going for it. There are even things about it that we'd like to see make their way to stock Android. But there's always room for improvement, and we've got a (slightly larger) wishlist of changes that we think could make it even better.

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OnePlus 6T Google Discover (formerly Feed) option exclusive to T-Mobile model — for now

OnePlus has been surprisingly hesitant to illuminate the precise differences between the T-Mobile and unlocked versions of its phones, but gradually the distinctions are coming to light. Recently, it was revealed to us that the T-Mobile version replaces the OnePlus Launcher's "Shelf" functionality with the popular Google Now Feed Discover, and OnePlus remains tight-lipped as to whether the feature is coming to other phones, though it admits only the T-Mobile version has it for now.

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OnePlus Launcher shows up again on the Play Store

Many manufacturers have uploaded their system apps to the Play Store, in order to send out updates without the need for a full system update. Earlier this month, OnePlus published its custom launcher to the Play Store, and users could even sign up for a beta program to try out new features first. For some reason, the listing was removed shortly after it went live.

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[Update: And it's gone] OnePlus Launcher is now on the Play Store in a (currently full) limited beta

It looks like OnePlus might be looking for a faster and easier way to update its launcher instead of waiting on OTAs to deliver updates. As of today, the OnePlus Launcher is appearing on Google Play. Unfortunately for anyone clamoring to check it out, it's currently in limited beta, and all the test slots are full.

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