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OnePlus Day deals this week include phone bundles with free wireless earbuds

OnePlus has always been known for providing a lot of bang for your buck. Its recent devices may cost more than the original OnePlus One did, but they're also a lot more powerful. We called the OnePlus 8 Pro "the most phone you can get for the price," and its little sibling didn't fare too badly, either. Now the company is looking to offer up even more value with new deals every Wednesday in an effort called OnePlus Day.

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headphones wired using when swapped channels audio right and left report users OnePlus Some

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are better than ever these days, yet many of us are still holding on to our trusty wired headphones for their reliability. But for some of these users with OnePlus phones, a mysterious glitch has been swapping left and right audio channels.

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OnePlus announces the Bullets Wireless Z, its new budget-friendly wireless earbuds

In an online presentation earlier today, OnePlus unveiled its latest flagships, the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. In addition to those new phones, the company also shared a budget-friendly alternative to the already inexpensive Bullets Wireless 2, the new Bullets Wireless Z earbuds with low latency and excellent battery life.

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