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OxygenOS 10.3.5 for OnePlus 6/6T brings Buds support and July patches

OnePlus’s cheap AirPods knockoffs debuted last week alongside the Nord to much attention. Now older OnePlus flagships are getting deep integration with the Buds thanks to some OTA updates. The newer 8 series has already picked up the relevant updates, and now the two-year-old 6 series is following suit with its latest OxygenOS build.

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OnePlus Buds are now available to buy in the US

OnePlus has dipped its toe into the Bluetooth audio waters several times, but it stubbornly avoided true wireless even as the rest of the industry dropped wires. Now, OnePlus is getting with the times. The true wireless OnePlus Buds are now available in the US, priced at $79.

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OnePlus Buds review: Fantastic $80 AirPods knockoffs

Bluetooth headphones are a dime a dozen, but good headphones — especially good true wireless headphones — are anything but cheap. OnePlus used to be known for its "flagship-killer" mantra, and now the company is bringing the same approach to Bluetooth headphones with its new OnePlus Buds. For just $80, you can get a good-sounding and very comfortable pair of truly wireless earbuds (or, more honestly speaking, AirPods clones), and they're easy to recommend.

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OnePlus Buds are official: AirPods-style Bluetooth earbuds for $80

OnePlus's much-leaked true wireless Buds are now official, sporting a hard-tipped AirPods-like design, Bluetooth 5.0, 13.4mm drivers, and 7 hours of playback (and up to 30 with the battery case), all for $79. They'll come in White, Gray, and Nord Blue, with availability for White set starting on July 27th.

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OnePlus Nord finally revealed in full, starts at £379/€399

After what feels like many months of hype, the OnePlus Nord was fully unveiled at an online launch event today. There’s seemingly very little that we didn’t already know about the device, either due to the company’s own drip-feeding of information or recent rumors, but now we’ve got the complete picture. In a welcome return to the OnePlus of old, the Nord boasts a dazzling spec sheet along with a very affordable price tag.

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Here's our best look at the OnePlus Buds and what they might do

We've gotten our best look at OnePlus's upcoming true wireless earbuds, the OnePlus Buds, from an app that has been uploaded to our sister site APK Mirror called OnePlus Pods. The payload amounts to pictures of the buds in three colors along with their cases as well as some instructional illustrations.

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OnePlus Buds will have 30 hours of total battery life for a 'burdenless' experience

OnePlus (sort of) announced its first pair of true wireless earbuds yesterday and has now released a few more details in a new blog post. A total of 30 hours of battery life is promised with 7 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. We can also see from the teaser image that the design will be similar to previous OnePlus earbuds with the red ring, although it sure looks like these are hard-tipped.

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