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'Nightscape' feature from OnePlus 6T coming to older OnePlus 6

One of the few software improvements on the recently-announced OnePlus 6T is 'Nightscape,' a low-light camera mode. While it probably won't be as impressive as the Pixel 3's crazy Night Sight feature, it's also coming to the company's previous flagship.

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Meet the OnePlus 6T: In-display fingerprint reader, improved photos, no headphone jack, coming to T-Mobile

At the company's event today in New York City, OnePlus has revealed its expected mid-cycle refresh. The new OnePlus 6T has most of the same internals as the 6, but swaps the rear fingerprint reader for a fancy new in-display model while sliming down its notch. The headphone jack is sadly gone, but battery size has been bumped up to 3,700mAh together with improved camera performance. Prices start at $549 with general availability set for November 1st from both OnePlus and T-Mobile. You can also use this referral link to get $20 off accessories if you buy a OnePlus 6T from OnePlus.

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[Update: Reportedly certified] The OnePlus 6T might be Verizon-compatible

The OnePlus 6T is shaping up to be a big deal for the plucky little Chinese smartphone maker. Not only will it sport a tiny notch and an in-display fingerprint reader, but the company is also taking a risk by ditching the headphone jack. We've heard rumors that the 6T could launch in T-Mobile stores in the US. Now, a report from PCMag suggests the 6T will work on Verizon.

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OnePlus 6T to go on sale early at pop-ups in New York, London, Paris, and more

We know by now that OnePlus puts a little more effort into its launches than most, with glitzy events around the world and lots of marketing to stoke interest. The OnePlus 6T will be no different, although it has Apple to thank for moving its unveiling forward a day to October 29th. Just two days later, pop-ups around the world will be selling the device ahead of its official release.

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OnePlus has moved the 6T unveiling to October 29th to avoid Apple overlap

OnePlus has been teasing the 6T for weeks, and we were supposed to learn all the details on October 30th. Well, now you won't have to wait quite as long. OnePlus has moved the date up a day in response to Apple's announcement of an unusual second fall event on the 30th.

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OnePlus starts a silly new "Unlock your speed" challenge for those who have too much free time on their hands

October 30 can't come soon enough. If the previous weeks are anything to go by, OnePlus will milk the hype machine for its upcoming 6T until the very last drop, trickling down one small announcement every day. It's too much, and personally, I'm starting to feel dirty every time we cave in and cover these antics. But OnePlus fans would burry us in tips if we didn't, so here we are. The latest OnePlus 6T news, however, is nothing short of a majestic clickbait — in all meanings of the term.

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OnePlus announces new UK carrier and retail partnerships ahead of 6T release

As the launch of the OnePlus 6T draws ever nearer, we've got a pretty good picture of what it will be like. It's going to be the company's most advanced phone to date, and thanks to some new network and retail partnerships in the UK, it should also be easier to buy than its past products.

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OnePlus promises new UI and improved navigation gestures for 6T

OnePlus is going to launch a new phone soon, and it's making no secret of that. In fact, OnePlus is engaged in its usual pattern of dropping tidbits about the new phone to generate #hype. In the latest official leak, OnePlus says the 6T will have a new OxygenOS UI and improved gestures.

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OnePlus's new bootloader unlocking page hints at a carrier 6T variant

OnePlus has always been enthusiast-oriented. Their phones run close-to-stock software, and it's incredibly easy to get ROMs and custom recoveries onto them. A bootloader unlock request page that just went up on OnePlus's site indicates that could be about to change with the upcoming 6T, which many have speculated will also be sold by T-Mobile.

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[Update: On sale November 6, event moved to 29th] OnePlus 6T unveiling set for October 29th in New York

After plenty of leaks, rumors, and teasers from the company itself, OnePlus has now set a date for the launch of its next flagship phone. The OnePlus 6T will be announced at an event in New York at 11:00 EDT (8:00 PDT) on October 30th 29th.

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