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OnePlus Plays Nice With Canonical And Lets Ubuntu Take A Stroll On The OnePlus One

In between selling iPhone cases (yes, really) and paying for product placement on the latest season of House of Cards (yes, really), OnePlus seems to have achieved something rather cool on the software front. They've partnered with Canonical, the people who make the popular Linux desktop distribution Ubuntu, in order to bring the mobile version to the original OnePlus One. Neat! OnePlus made the announcement on Google Plus.

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[Update: 3,300mAh Battery] OnePlus Confirms Snapdragon 810 (v2.1) Powers The OnePlus 2, Will Reveal More Specs Piece-By-Piece

Remember how exciting incredibly annoying it was when OnePlus revealed the OnePlus One a single spec at a time? Well, that's happening again this year. The company has just posted on the official forums to let everyone know what processor the OnePlus 2 will be using—it's the Snapdragon 810. Get your overheating jokes ready.


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Cyanogen Inc. Clarifies OnePlus One Updates In India—There Won't Be Any, Only 'Global' Devices Will See OTAs

It's been a long and winding road to find the truth behind the recent announcement that Cyanogen Inc. had signed an exclusive deal with Micromax in India. OnePlus made waves when it said that meant there would be no CM updates for the OnePlus One sold in India, but Cyanogen Inc. made a blog post saying all global devices would get updates, and all was well. Except it isn't. A new post on the Cyanogen blog expands on the situation. Specifically, it states plainly that Indian phones won't get updates.


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