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Latest OneNote beta comes with dark mode toggle (APK download) (Updated)

Dark modes are becoming increasingly popular these days. Not only do they look cool, they can also save battery on AMOLED screens, as they limit the number of pixels that need to be lit. A lot of apps have started boasting darker schemes, and following popular demand, Microsoft is working on one for OneNote, which will be available across all platforms.

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Microsoft opens all-in-one Office mobile app for public preview [APK Download]

Microsoft has been testing a new Office mobile app for Android since this spring, which combines Microsoft's mobile variants of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into one. The relatively new app gives you a convenient, cloud-synchronized central point for Microsoft Office document creation and management, plus scanning, notes, and more. It's an all-in-one, on-the-go Microsoft Office solution, and now it's available in public preview.

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OneNote gets drag-and-drop capability for pages and fixes backspace issues [APK Download]

Ever since Windows Phone died, Microsoft has put a lot more effort into improving its suite of Android apps. Just last month, OneNote gained an updated, modernized icon alongside a cross-platform syncing dark mode. The latest update — to version 16.0.11901 — introduces easier page-reordering within notebooks and new long-press behavior.

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Latest OneNote update adds app shortcuts and Office Lens integration [APK Download]

With the demise of the Windows Phone operating system, Microsoft has seemingly put extra focus on app development for other platforms. That's great for us Android users, who are able to make use of the company's excellent productivity apps. OneNote is Microsoft's attempt at a note-taking app, and it stands as a worthy competitor for Google Keep, Evernote, and the like.

OneNote got a design overhaul last summer and has continued to add useful new features – such as fingerprint security – in the months since. The latest update brings it up to version 16.0.8827.2090 and includes Office Lens integration, app shortcuts, and phone number sign in.

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OneNote adds fingerprint security and the ability to create password protected sections

Microsoft's services can be hit or miss, but when it comes to OneNote, it's most certainly a hit. The note-taking application has been, quite deservedly, at the top of most productivity lists for a long time. And a recent update to the Android app has made it even easier to keep your notes secure, too. Now you can add passwords and use your fingerprint to unlock sections. 

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Microsoft announces redesign of OneNote across all platforms

If anyone needs a little break from all the Google I/O related news, Microsoft chose an opportune day to announce an overhaul of its note-taking app. The OneNote redesign relates to every platform it's available on, including Android, and promises enhanced usability, simpler navigation, and a more consistent experience across devices.

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[Update: Stable release] Microsoft OneNote beta adds often-requested ability to open password-protected sections

In our Android circles, Microsoft isn't exactly the popularity king, but you'll often find users praising its OneNote service as a serious workhorse for saving and organizing all kinds of notes. The Android app is quite loved too, aside from one major asterisk if you ask our own Artem or any of the 1400+ users who upvoted this request: password-protected sections were kept out of reach. The app would just say they're unsupported and not let you access anything inside them.

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Skype Comes To OneDrive So You Can Chat While You Pretend To Work

Have you ever wanted to chat with your buddies at work but were afraid of what your boss might say if they caught you slacking off? Then you're in luck, because Microsoft has got your back: Skype is now fully integrated into OneDrive, so you can finally gossip and send emoji and still look entirely professional while doing so.

Of course, that's not really the point of having a Skype sidebar built into your company's revenue spreadsheet for last quarter: Microsoft is selling the concept as a means of boosting productivity and letting coworkers collaborate in real time on documents. Each chat history even stays connected to its respective document, so it's always easy to search back and find what you were looking for.

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Microsoft Services Will Soon Come Preinstalled On Acer Phones And Tablets, Partnerships Expand To 74 Global OEMs

Microsoft is slowly reinventing itself, acquiring interesting companies like SwiftKey and Sunrise Calendar, changing the way people perceive it and its services, and improving its apps across multiple platforms. We've sure seen the effects here on Android Police — there's hardly any week that passes by without us mentioning the company at least once, and that's Android which isn't even its main platform.

With its new and improved services and apps, Microsoft has been trying to find a permanent home on your devices, and what better way to do that than come preinstalled on your phone or tablet? That means it'd be the de-facto office viewer for many users when they come across a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document.

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Microsoft Is Rolling Out OneNote Badge, A Floating Button To Make Saving To OneNote Easier Within Other Apps

Back in August, we talked about a new OneNote feature called "Floatie," which was a terrible name. The feature was interesting, though, so it's all good news now that Microsoft says the floating button is here to stay and that they are calling it "Badge," which is much less terrible.

The gist of it is that saving information from other apps into OneNote can be a real pain sometimes, so if you know you'll be taking notes for yourself or cutting and pasting things then you can just keep the Badge around all the time. Without entering the OneNote app, you can write notes and take screengrabs and organize them into the appropriate notebooks.

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