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Google is killing Google One Today, gives supporters only a week's notice

Today Google has announced that it's killing its One Today service. This isn't the renamed Google Drive paid storage program, but an app-based donation system you've probably never heard of, haven't used, and won't miss. Those still using it have a week before it shuts down.

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Google Updates One Today App To v1.5 With 'Pay It Forward' Option So Others Can Determine Which Causes Your Money Goes Toward

Most of Google's apps offer ways for us to enhance the quality of our own lives, whether it's through improved communication, managing documents, or just browsing the web through Chrome. One Today, an Android app the company launched over a year ago, turns this around by empowering us to actively help others instead. The core idea here is to donate a dollar a day to a different charity (today's is an adopt an afternoon lesson program through Develop Africa), but there's no reason to stop there. The more generous among us (or those with extra money) can choose to donate elsewhere, and with the latest app update, there's a new "Pay It Forward" option so that people can provide funds for others to allocate.

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Google's One Today Charity App Now Available Without An Invite, Still Limited To The United States

Google's charity-minded One Today app launched three months ago, inviting users to give away a dollar a day to a different deserving cause, sort of like a philanthropic version of The initial rollout was very limited, only opening to U.S. residents who had applied for and received an invitation. Now the invitation is no longer necessary: you can download One Today on just about any Android device, so long as you're in the United States.

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One Today presents a new cause every day - today it's's Water For Life project, providing clean drinking water to remote villages.

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