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[Deal Alert] HTC Hot Deals Is Offering The One M8 For $499 ($150 Off), RE Camera For $149 ($50 Off), And Select M8 Cases For 50% Off, This Weekend Only

It's no mystery HTC is preparing to announce its latest flagship the One M9 in just a couple of weeks. Naturally, it's time to clear out some inventory space to make way for new products, and that means cutting prices. HTC Hot Deals is running a weekend-long sale on the RE Camera, the One M8, and a selection of custom cases.

We've seen some better deals (for $300, and $350) on the One M8 in the last month, but they've been limited to the AT&T model, and only available as refurbs.

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[Update: Live] HTC Says T-Mobile's One M8 Will Get Its Lollipop OTA Starting On Monday, February 9th

HTC missed its 90-day goal to deliver Android 5.0 upgrades to all owners of the One M8 and One M7. They're very sorry about that. But to give credit where it's due, it does seem like the company is genuinely trying to get its hardware updated as soon as possible.

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HTC Posts Lollipop Kernels For Multiple International One M8 Variants

While we are just starting to see the first hints of Lollipop on the HTC One M8 in the US, the rollout is already underway in other parts of the world. As is customary, HTC is now posting the open source bits of these updates on its developer page. If you want to get a look at the kernel source for the international M8 variants, this is your chance.

2015-02-03 16_16_57-HTCdev - HTC Kernel Source Code and Binaries

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Unlocked And Developer Edition HTC One M8 Devices Are Getting Lollipop Today

HTC was quick to announce Lollipop upgrade plans a few months ago, and today those plans begin to come to fruition. The first large-scale HTC rollout of Android 5.0 is starting today with the unlocked and developer edition One M8.

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Update: Now $350! [Deal Alert] eBay Has A Refurbished And Unlocked AT&T HTC One M8 For Just $370

Update, January 7th: the eBay vendor for this listing has added new stock and lowered the price to $349.99. That's a steal for one of last year's best devices. Grab it while you can.


If you want a high-end phone for a GSM network, this deal will probably beat anything you're likely to find on Black Friday. Right now one eBay seller is unloading a refurbished AT&T version of the HTC One M8 for just $379.99, almost $300 off of the retail off-contract price and a solid eighty bucks cheaper than our previous best One M8 deal.

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[Deal Alert] HTC's Hot Deal Of The Week Is 20% Off Any Phone On

HTC has offered some great deals as part of it's weekly "hot deals" promo, as well as some questionable ones. This week HTC is offering to knock 20% off the price of any phone purchased from its website. These are the unsubsidized prices, so you're still looking at a few hundred bucks minimum. But hey, a deal is a deal.

2014-12-23 12_31_39-HTC Hot Deals _ HTC United States

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HTC BlinkFeed Updated With Recommendations, Easier Subscribing, And More

Those of you with phones not made by HTC can feel free to continue on to the next post. I'm sorry to have wasted your time... I assume if you are still reading at this point, you own an HTC device. Good, those other phones suck, right? Let's say nasty things about people who own those phones behind their backs. Before that, there's an update to BlinkFeed in the Play Store.

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HTC Sneaks A Cute Easter—Err, Halloween Egg Into The Dot View Case [Update: More Holidays, Yay]

HTC's Dot View case is a cool idea, though the quality of the accessory itself is somewhat suspect. Still, HTC gets points for doing something new. What's more, it turns out the Dot View for the One M8 still has some tricks up its heavily perforated sleeve. There's a Halloween surprise lurking in there.


The Dot View case is able to show notifications and other bits of data by shining light from the screen through the holes in the case.

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The HTC Eye Experience Will Bring Auto-Selfie, Split Capture, Crop-Me-In, And More Features To The M7, M8, And Other Devices

The first thing HTC announced at its Double Exposure event today wasn't new hardware. No, the company was very eager to share its new software, which it has coined the EYE Experience. This term encapsulates a full range of features all aimed at making your HTC phone a better tool for taking photos.

Let's run through the features. One addition is an Auto-Selfie (ignore the name and bear with me here) function that will automatically take a photo with the front-facing camera after users have framed the shot and held the phone still for two seconds.

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Multiple Sources Claim HTC's 'M8_EYE' Is The M8 With A 13MP Duo Camera, Coming Next Month [Update]

HTC has been experimenting with different camera gimmicks lately. First there was the Ultrapixel camera in the M7, then the M8 added a second camera for simulated depth of field (that's the Duo Camera, of course). Now rumors are pointing to a new HTC device that ditches the Ultrapixel camera altogether. The M8_EYE will reportedly have a 13MP Duo Camera when it is announced next month.

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