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Libratone One Click review: Sophisticated styling, smooth sounds, and spiffy straps

This pretty little thing is the Libratone One Click. Designed by Danish engineers, with characteristic Scandinavian simplicity, it's a speaker that has caught the attention of everyone I've shown it to. Sure, it looks nice, but how does it sound? Read on my friends, and you'll find out.

What's in the box

  • The speaker: It measures 4.7”×1.6”× 8” and weighs 2lbs with a 3" woofer, 1" tweeter and a passive driver.
  • MicroUSB charging cable: No proprietary cord or charger. Sweet.
  • Two different handles: A short one and a longer one, more on those later.
  • Instructions and warranty info: In several European languages!

Notable features

  • Water resistant: IPX4 rated - splash proof.
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Towelroot APK By Geohot Can Root The Verizon And AT&T Galaxy S5, Note 3, And S4 Active, And (Maybe) Almost Any Other Current Device

AT&T and Verizon, with their insistence on locked bootloaders for Android devices, are the scourge of the Android customization scene. Unfortunately they're also the largest carriers in the United States, which leaves a lot of Android power users in a pickle. If you're on either carrier and rocking a branded Galaxy S5, today is your lucky day: someone's gone and made a near-universal and amazingly simple root method that should work for the S5 (and more) on both carriers.


"Towelroot" comes from noted XDA developer Geohot, and according to him, the simple one-click APK root will absolutely work on the AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S5, the AT&T Galaxy S4 Active, and the Nexus 5.

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One-Click Root Now Available For AT&T's HTC One X

Three short days ago, AT&T's phone selection got a little bit better. Of course, I'm talking about the arrival of the HTC One X. If you already have this flagship in hand, then you'll be happy to know that a one-click root method is already available.

Disclaimer: Android Police isn't responsible for any harm to your device - proceed at your own risk.

This will automatically root, install Busybox, and SuperSU onto your One X, all while you sit back and sip some coffee. Here's how to make it happen:

This will not unlock the bootloader!
  • Download the HTC drivers for Windows
  • Download and extract it
  • Plug your phone into the computer (make sure USB debugging is enabled in Settings  > Developer options > USB debugging)
  • Double click the appropriate root file (root.bat for Windows, for Linux, or for Mac)
  • ???
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PSA: You Can Now Send CyanogenMod Builds To ROM Manager With One Click Right From The Web

Getting CyanogenMod builds onto an Android device has always been easy as pie, but who is going to say no to yet another, even simpler method? While redesigning the CyanogenMod Downloads page, the CM team recently added a really subtle ability to send downloads straight from the web right into ROM Manager - all with just one click, a-la Chrome to phone or Amazon's 1-click purchasing.

In fact, the change to the site was so subtle that it went unnoticed by us for a week until Koush posted this video to his YouTube account:

Brilliantly simple, isn't it? Even if you don't flash builds often, you should still find this option handy.

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[Updated] Well, That Was Fast - One-Click Droid 3 Root Now Available

Earlier today it was announced that the Droid 3 had officially been rooted. As previously stated, the process doesn't look all that difficult as long as you have ADB set up and ready to go. Now this process is even easier, though, as a 1-click solution has become available! That's not the best part, either -- P3Droid seems to think that this method should work on all Moto phones running Gingerbread.

This is designed for use on Windows machines only.
Update: Linked to version 7 of the script, as version 5 could potentially cause some issues.


  • Install Motorola drivers
  • Download and unzip Droid 3 Easy Root Script v7
  • Enable USB debugging on your device (Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging)
  • Plug your phone into the computer and select "Charge Mode Only"
  • Run "Click to root your Droid 3.bat" in the Droid 3 easy root folder
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and unlock the phone after each boot.
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One-Click Root Now Available For ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

When a device is first released, the rooting process can be a tedious and cumbersome one. This is especially true with the new breed of Honeycomb tablets, but thanks to the relentless and brilliant Android modding community, the rooting process of every device becomes significantly more simple given a long enough timeline. The latest example of this is the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, which is on the receiving end of a new one-click root solution.


[Like A Boss] Acer Iconia Tab A500 Rooted, Process Is Stupid Easy

Good news, everyone! The Acer Iconia has been rooted and the process is so ridiculously simple that it's almost offensive. Seriously. Here is the entire step-by-step process to gaining full root on the Acer Iconia:


The link in that post goes to the XDA thread for a modified GingerBreak, an application for rooting devices in one click; no computer necessary. You simply download the modified APK, install it on your Iconia, run it, and become rooted.

I must say, I'm impressed at how simple and fast that was for a device that just came out, let alone the fact that it's got an operating system only a small handful of devices are running.

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MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien Releases VISIONary - One-Click Soft Root For The T-Mobile G2 With Autorun-On-Boot

With the G2 already getting a non-persistent "soft-root" solution, it was only a matter of time before someone combined it into a nice, user-friendly package. Stepping up to the plate (or rather, the crease) is Paul O'Brien, the founder of UK smartphone website MoDaCo, well known for a myriad of clever hacks.


Superusers, you can haz them

Deriving its name from the HTC Vision device codename, VISIONary is a simple one-click temporary root app for the T-Mobile G2. The application installs itself to /data/app, and a version that will run automatically on boot is also available. VISIONary can also be set to run a script immediately after rooting, allowing you to automate any root commands you might usually do by inserting them into the .sh file.

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Meet SuperOneClick: Easily Root Nearly Any Android Device, Including Froyo-Rockin' Samsung Captivate

A few days ago, a new version of Universal Androot was released with support for Froyo, but a number of devices were still incompatible.

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Universal Androot App Offers One-Click Root On A Multitude Of Devices (G1, Nexus One, Droid, Droid X, Hero, X10, Streak, And More)

Looking for an easy way to root your Android Device? Universal Androot may just be what the doctor ordered. The one-click root fad seems to be catching on and Universal Androot is an app that covers multiple Android devices, making it easier for those who may be reluctant experience the mighty wonders of root.


Universal Androot is the simplest root/unroot method I have seen to date and probably the safest - it has been confirmed as working by multiple users (apparently it uses the same exploit used to 1-click root the Motorola Droid X).

Note: This application just gives you root and does not unlock the /system partition or the boot loader on those devices that have them locked, such as the Droid X.
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