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HTC Pushing January Security Update To The Unlocked HTC One A9 And Marshmallow To The Sprint M8

HTC is finishing the week with a few device updates, including one that keeps the company's A9 handset astonishingly up-to-date. According to HTC's Mo Versi, the unlocked A9 is getting an OTA that includes the January security updates. Then there's the One M8 on Sprint, which is surprisingly getting bumped to Marshmallow.

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[Update: One M9 RUU] HTC Starts Rolling Out Android 6.0.1 To The Unlocked One A9, 6.0 To The One M9

It was merely a couple of weeks ago that Mo Versi announced on Twitter that some Marshmallow goodies were on track for December release on HTC's latest flagships, the One A9 and One M9. Now according to him, the updates are ready to roll out on both devices, just in time for Christmas. I think HTC likes the idea of being the Santa of OTA updates.

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[Update: Winner] Win An HTC One A9 From AT&T And Android Police

It's officially the Christmas season, and you know what that means: holiday meals with family, fruit cake, and terrible gifts. I mean, there are probably (hopefully?) going to be some good gifts, too, but there will almost definitely be some terrible ones. Whether it's that out-of-touch aunt who thinks you're still 12, or that one relative who always buys you something even though they know nothing about you, there will definitely be some crap gifts this holiday season. I can't wait.

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future.

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HTC: Unlocked One M9 Will Get Marshmallow Before Year's End, Same For One A9's Android 6.0.1 Update

HTC VP Mo Versi took to Twitter this morning to inform owners of the company's plans for the One M9's Marshmallow update, as well as the all-new A9's incoming bump to Android 6.0.1 (it ships with 6.0). Specifically, both devices can expect their respective software upgrades some time this month if all goes according to plan.

The unlocked One M8 is already getting Marshmallow, so while it is a bit odd that the newer M9 will be getting it later, at least it won't be that much later.

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HTC Pushes US One A9 Pre-Order Shipments Back By Up To Several Weeks, Delays Verizon Compatibility Indefinitely

While the A9 is indeed a pretty good phone, there's no doubt HTC's bungled the launch of the device a bit. First, the whole promotional pricing thing (and the 2GB/16GB variant abroad being so damn expensive), and now? A pre-order shipment delay for those who did choose to buy one. We're hearing from US readers that HTC has sent out the following email, pushing back shipment of the initially available colors until next Tuesday, November 10th, at the earliest. Some customers, though, will be waiting much longer than that - especially if you ordered a Sprint variant.

In addition, HTC has now delayed Verizon network compatibility for the One A9 indefinitely.

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HTC One A9 Officially Available At Sprint And AT&T Stores Today, But Sprint Wants $700 For It Because They're Idiots

While online sales of the HTC One A9, including carrier pre-orders, have been going on some time now, today it is now in actual, physical stores. AT&T and Sprint ones.

Pre-orders should begin shipping today for carrier variants and unlocked devices alike, too. But if you want to see a One A9 in person - and it's a pretty good phone - you can now do that, at least in America. There's no word on when T-Mobile's version is coming, exactly. The unlocked edition of the phone will get Verizon compatibility at a later date.

Edit: This article previously stated that there would be a T-Mobile A9.

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HTC One A9 Review: Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good (Pretty Good)

At a wedding reception this past Saturday, I finally had a chance to put the HTC One A9 side-by-side with an iPhone 6. “It looks just like an iPhone. Even the little camera bump looks similar,” remarked the person whose iDevice I had temporarily pilfered for this little visual experiment.

I was forced to agree. Flip them over, of course, and the story changes. HTC’s phone, with its elongated speaker grille, HTC logo, and Samsung-pill-style capacitive home key and fingerprint scanner is noticeably distinguishable from any iPhone - and really no different from any other white Android phone in that regard.

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HTC Officially Announces The One A9 - Snapdragon 617 Processor, 5" Full HD Super AMOLED, $399 "Limited Time" Price

HTC has officially announced the One A9 today, with a 5" Super AMOLED 1080p display with Gorilla Glass 4, a fingerprint scanner, microSD slot, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a revised version of sense. This will make the A9 the first non-Nexus device to launch with the latest version of the Android OS. The One A9 will be available in 4 colors, pictures below (we're not sure which markets will get which colors, yet). It's powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 octa-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz for the high-power cores and 1.2GHz for low-power, and is available with 16GB or 32GB of internal storage and 2GB or 3GB of RAM, respectively, though the US is only getting the 32GB version, which has an introductory price of $399.

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