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[Update: Now in stable] Chrome testing search-friendly omnibox with faster URL copy and share actions

Part of the changes introduced with Chrome's Duet interface (previously known as Duplex) is a new search button in the bottom bar that lets you jump to the address bar and perform a Google search. But until now, it wasn't clear that you could start typing a new query immediately, as the URL was still there and highlighted. A new Chrome flag has been added to clarify things, plus make it easier to share or copy the current page's URL. 

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Chrome tests hiding URLs for Google searches

URLs for Google search results are big, ugly things that contain a lot of information you probably don't need to see most of the time. The team behind Chrome development is looking into remedying that eyesore, though, by showing your search terms in the Omnibox rather than the full URL for the results.

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Chrome's omnibox search results are getting favicons for bookmarked pages

A couple of months ago, we heard that Google was working on an updated UI for Chrome's omnibox. Colorful images and brief descriptions were being tested when you searched something in the Chrome URL bar, and this was a welcome change from the sea of white and gray that would normally be seen. Further improvements are also on the way, with favicons being introduced next to bookmarked pages.

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[Tip] Chrome For Android 'Find In Page' Function Exists From Within The Omnibox

It's time to point out a little-known feature in Chrome's omnibox that may save you a tap or two. If you're looking for something on the page you're currently viewing, rather than tapping on your overflow or menu button, going to "find in page" and typing your search string, you can do it via Chrome's omnibox as shown below. Take a look at the first option with the magnifying glass inside the box.

omnibox_find_in_page_1 omnibox_find_in_page_2

This wouldn't be the first time Google has inconspicuously thrown a useful feature into one of its products, and certainly won't be the last. A search of Chromium commits didn't turn up anything useful, so it's unclear how long this feature has been right under our noses.

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