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[Deal Alert] Get An Omaker 10W Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker For $25 (Down From $35) With Coupon Code

You want a portable Bluetooth speaker. Sorry, that was meant to be a question. You want a portable Bluetooth speaker? Then listen up.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Has This Omaker Waterproof Speaker + Portable Charger Combo For $32 ($20 Off) With Coupon

Are you going on a trip soon and need some extra power to both your phone and your tunes? Then make a pit stop at Amazon first. Today the ubiquitous retailer is offering a discounted combo to US customers: a "ruggedized" and semi-waterproof Omaker M4 Bluetooth speaker plus a 5200mAh Omaker external battery for $31.98. That's $20 off of the retail price for both of them combined - you're basically getting the charger for free, and the speaker at a tiny discount.

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To get the discount add both items to your cart. Make sure that you select the orange version of the speaker and the slightly cheaper black version of the charger, not the black + grey or black + yellow one.

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[Deal Alert] Omaker M4 Rugged Bluetooth Speaker With NFC Only $20 After $15 Coupon Code

So you didn't want the GOgroove Bluetooth speaker we highlighted earlier today, but you have nothing against Bluetooth speakers, NFC support, or a $20 price tag. You just thought the cube was ugly. In that case, here's another speaker that offers you the same things. It normally costs $35, but entering LOMOTHER at checkout will knock that down $15.


The Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth speaker is hardly an identical product. It's rugged and splashproof, so you don't need to be as cautious. It takes up less space, and it offers twice the battery life (12 hours). You can't plug a flash drive into the side of it though, nor does it have a removable battery.

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[Deal Alert] Highly Rated Omaker 15600mAh Dual 2.1A External Battery Pack $22.99 After $7 Coupon On Amazon

If you need a big external battery for traveling, camping, or to have around in case of an emergency, then listen up. Amazon has the Omaker 15600mAh Portable Charger Power Bank (and that's the abbreviated version of the product name, whew) with dual 2.1A output USB ports on sale today for $22.99 after applying a coupon code. That's a whole lot of mAh's for not a lot of money.

As far as power banks go, the Omaker is a pretty handsome device. Its grey outer shell is plastic, but has the look and feel of powder coated metal. A thin strip of either blue (or orange) contrasting plastic runs down the length of the device and forms the caps on both ends.

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[Deal Alert] Omaker 15,600 mAh Portable Charger With Dual 2.1A Output Is $24.99 On Amazon After Extra $5 Off Coupon

It seems like portable chargers are getting smaller, cheaper, with a larger capacity all the time. What better example of this phenomenon than this Omaker external battery, which boasts 15,600 mAh and two USB output ports that push 2.1A, the amperage needed to charge tablets and some phones at faster than a snail's pace. The device itself supports 2.1A input too, so it should refuel reasonably quickly once you've drained it.


For reference, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a 2550 mAh battery. HTC's upcoming M9 will have 2840 mAh. You can do the math: you're looking at about 5 full charges for one of these flagships before this portable charger is empty, and that's a conservative estimate.

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