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The Android Market is still on the Google Play Store, complete with an app description from 2012

Android has changed quite a bit since its original release in 2008 on the HTC Dream, but reminders of the platform's early days are still hanging around. For example, the Play Store listing for the Android Market — the precursor to the Play Store itself — is still live.

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Z Origins Makes Its Way To Android, Reminds You That RTS Games Existed Before Command And Conquer

It seems that mobile gaming is a haven for all the old classics to reappear. Rising even further from the ashes of the past than most other recent arrivals comes Z Origins, a remake of the RTS from the DOS days simply called "Z" by The Bitmap Brothers. It predates notable fan favorite Command and Conquer from Westwood Studios. Though it did come out roughly four years after Dune II (also from Westwood) which served as the archetype for most RTS games to follow, Z departs from traditional RTS gameplay in that collection of resources and structure construction as a requisite for certain units were not part of the game.

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