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'Ok Google' detection is currently broken on many phones

Judging by the Google Assistant help forums, Twitter, and Reddit, a whole lot of people are having trouble getting their phones to respond to voice commands. Twelve of the 20 top posts are complaining about the problem on several different device models and even in several languages. Google says it's on the case, though.

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Google app update fixes laggy Android Wear behavior when Ok Google detection is enabled

Back in December, we made a surprising discovery: if you had Ok Google detection enabled on your Android Wear watch, it could cause a lot of lag and jittery behavior all the time. Disabling the setting completely turned the behavior around and made it so that the watch was smooth and stutter-free. I recorded a video back then to show the night and day difference and many of you chimed in reporting that disabling the detection had the same beneficial effects on your watch as well.

Finally, it looks like this bug has been fixed now. As shared on the Google Issue Tracker, the issue has been resolved since the Google app version 7.18.50.

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Tip: Disabling "Ok Google" detection on Android Wear could fix your smartwatch's stuttering and lag

I love my Huawei Watch because it can vibrate and notify me silently of new messages and calls without disturbing everyone around me like my phone does, but recently I've stopped using it for anything else because of the lag. One out of every 3 or 4 taps or swipes seems to stutter and take forever. And I often find it faster and easier to take out my phone and do things than wait for Android Wear's whims to execute a command.

But it looks like the fix is a simple toggle. As discovered by redditor Yozakgg, disabling "Ok Google" detection under Settings -> Personalization on your watch will remove a lot of stutters and lag.

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