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YouTube Premium lets you save recent channel and topic videos for offline viewing

Offline use is an important aspect of many streaming apps. Whether you're traveling, stuck in an area with a spotty reception, or you've maxed out your monthly data usage, you should be able to enjoy your content without relying on a connection. That feature is one of the cornerstones of YouTube's paid Premium subscription, and now it's getting even better with automatic downloads.

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Google Drive on the web adds offline saving for all files

You've always been able to access Google Drive files offline with the official 'Backup & Sync' desktop client, but given how terrible that application is, it's nice to see the web app get similar functionality. Google added the ability to mark Docs files for offline access (and edit them offline) earlier this year, but now you can save any Drive file.

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Chromebooks pick up offline Google Drive folder support in Beta Channel and later

In what will surely be a boon to Chromebook-related productivity, you can now make individual folders and files in your Google Drive available offline on Chrome OS, but only on V73 and later. That's Beta Channel and forward, at the time of writing.

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Show off your Chrome dino-game skills with the arrival of cross-device high score sync

Since 2014, Chrome has featured a delightful little time waster that kicks in when your device doesn't have internet access. It's a game featuring a dinosaur that hops over cacti (and, eventually, other dinosaurs), in which your score increases as you progress through a pixelated desert. Until recently, that score was lost when you stopped playing, but as of Chrome version 72, it's finally saved — and it even syncs between your devices.

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Google Lens on Pixel 3 gains deeper camera app integration, offline availability

One year after the initial release of Google Lens alongside the Pixel 2, Google has integrated the AI-enabled tool directly into the Pixel 3's Google Camera app, and announced that some functions are available while the phone is offline. These changes add utility to the feature, and serve as a visual reminder to use the tool — something that's been lacking up to this point.

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Gmail Offline for Chrome will be discontinued in December

The first Chromebooks were extremely dependent on an internet connection, so to help alleviate that problem, Google published a 'Gmail Offline' app on the Chrome Web Store. It allowed users to read and respond to emails while the computer was offline, but the app hasn't been updated since 2013.

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Google Translate's offline accuracy will be improving soon, thanks to machine learning

Sometimes when you're traveling, it can be tough to come by data. Carriers like Project Fi and T-Mobile provide some when roaming at no extra charge, but even so, you might have to make do with patchy connectivity. It's a good thing, then, for those of us visiting foreign countries that Google Translate has offline support. And the quality of those offline translations should be improving soon, as Google is bringing its high-quality neural machine translation tech on-device for improved offline use.

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You can now download podcasts to listen to offline in the Google app

Back in March, ever-determined to give users multiple ways to do everything, Google rolled out the ability to subscribe and listen to podcasts directly in the Google app. Now, you're conveniently able to download clips for offline listening by tapping a "Download episode" button in the episode's description.

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Google Assistant turns to external answers when its own services are offline

Google's software Assistant and corresponding Home hardware are there to answer your questions (within certain limits), but it may not always be Google that answers. In some circumstances, including things like service outages, it looks like Google is able to hand off questions it would typically answer to third-party apps or services. With your consent, of course.

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YouTube offline video downloads are supported in 125 countries

About a month ago, we noticed that the ability to download YouTube videos for offline viewing had rolled out to more countries. At the time, we were able to confirm Lebanon, Iraq, Morocco, Azerbaijan, and UAE had it based on our devices and reports from our comment section, but we knew there must have been more. And more there is, in fact many many more.

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