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YouTube Premium lets you save recent channel and topic videos for offline viewing

Offline use is an important aspect of many streaming apps. Whether you're traveling, stuck in an area with a spotty reception, or you've maxed out your monthly data usage, you should be able to enjoy your content without relying on a connection. That feature is one of the cornerstones of YouTube's paid Premium subscription, and now it's getting even better with automatic downloads.

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Sky's Now TV app for Android introduces offline viewing

Now TV is one of the UK's most popular streaming services, particularly because it's owned by Sky, the UK's biggest pay-TV provider. The latest update to the Android app introduces a long-awaited feature — offline viewing. It was promised before Christmas but is now finally rolling out.

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Facebook is testing new buttons and an option to cache some videos for offline viewing

We're back again with some more changes/tests in the Facebook app spotted by you sharp-eyed readers. The more obvious of the two is a redesign of the Like, Comment, and Share buttons, but we also have some users who are seeing an option in the App Settings to cache some videos for offline viewing. Good stuff.

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Amazon Prime Members Can Now Download Prime Video For Offline Viewing On Mobile Devices

Lots of people subscribe to Amazon Prime, and undoubtedly, one of the coolest perks to being a member is having an entire Netflix-rivaling video streaming service right at your fingertips. With that said, Amazon has stepped up in a big way by allowing movies and TV shows to be saved for offline viewing. For now, this feature is available in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Austria.


The benefits of this feature pretty much speak for themselves. Whether it's being able to watch your favorite shows on a plane without paying the exorbitant rates for in-flight Wi-Fi, or just being able to watch them while you're out and about without having to eat away at your data plan, this feature will no doubt be a welcome addition.

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Google Dropped The Homescreen Widget In YouTube Version, Because None Of You Were Using It [APK Download]

According to Google, approximately one out of every two hundred Android users reading this post actually placed the built-in YouTube app widget on their homescreen. That's not really surprising: the one that has been a part of the YouTube Android app for years isn't all that useful, it just grabs a handful of videos that the search algorithm thinks you might be interested in and plops them down in a stacked list. According to a new Q&A page, since no one is using the widget, the developers are dropping it like a sack of potatoes.

2014-09-18 16.06.06

Wow, it's been a while since I've even SEEN that widget.

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Google Is Planning Offline YouTube Downloads In India 'In The Coming Weeks'

People have been searching for an easy way to download YouTube videos to Android since... well, probably since the original G1. And sometime in the very near future, Google is prepared to give it to them... if they live in India. Tucked into the promotional materials for Android One's launch was this tidbit about letting users download YouTube videos for watching online later. The idea is for users to download the videos on WiFi and save on data charges or access them when outside of mobile coverage. 


Exactly when YouTube will be available offline hasn't been disclosed. It's possible that the feature will roll out worldwide - Google tends to use the same apps across borders, after all.

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YouTube's Upcoming Offline Playback Option Will Let You Watch Videos For Up To 48 Hours Without A Connection

Last month YouTube announced that they were going to introduce an offline viewing option to their mobile apps sometime in November. They've since rolled out details about how it's going to work. If you add videos to your device and then disconnect it from the Internet, you will be able to watch the content for up to 48 hours. After those two days have passed, you will have to reconnect in order to watch the videos again, but the 48 hour window will refresh, and the content will remain on your device.

Offline videos and playlists will be stored under an "on device" section of the YouTube sidebar, and you can add more content from the watch page of whatever you're viewing.

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