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YouTube v14.06 prepares to raise the limit for offline video quality, and more [APK Teardown]

If you're just about to leave the comfort of Wi-Fi to risk expensive data fees and dead zones — or, you know, get on a plane for 2 hours — you might plan ahead and download some YouTube videos to kill some time. If you're like most people, you still want to see the highest possible quality, so you might have been disappointed that YouTube caps offline downloads at a measly 720p. That may be changing as it looks like the cap will be rising to a cool 1080p in the future.

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[Update: APK Added] Google Play Music is getting a smarter recommendation engine, new home screen, and automatic music caching for offline play [APK Download]

Google is doing a big upgrade to Play Music this week, enabling a smarter and more contextually aware recommendation engine, an easier to use interface, and a more streamlined caching system for offline playback. You'll notice some big changes to the look of the Play Music home screen on both the web and mobile devices, and hopefully some better music suggestions.

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[Update: 360-Degree Videos & Playback Resuming] YouTube Kids v1.50 Adds 'Pause History' And May Soon Offer Most Of The YouTube Red Subscription Features [APK Teardown + Download]

Version 1.50 of YouTube Kids started rolling out early Thursday morning. This update brings a really great new feature, and parents are going to love it. It's now possible to pause the watch history of YouTube Kids, and it doesn't affect the rest of your YouTube apps. A teardown also shows that parents will soon enjoy the benefits of YouTube Red, as well. As usual, if the update hasn't hit your account yet, jump to the bottom of the post to find a download link.

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YouTube Gaming v1.1 Promises Background & Offline Playback, Cardboard Support, And Battletoads [APK Teardown]

Not everybody is into live streaming gameplay, but for those that are, and particularly those that play a lot of games on Android, this week's update for YouTube Gaming was a pretty big deal. It brought much-needed support for recording and live broadcasting your screen directly to YouTube. While the update is significant for the features we now have, it also happens to include some signs for a few more things we can expect in the future. We can see a few of YouTube's newer features are going to hop over to the gaming side, including background playback, offline playback, and even Cardboard support.

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YouTube 10.35 Adds Option To Clear All Offline Videos And May Soon Enable Automatic Sync For Offline Playlists [APK Teardown + Download]

YouTube updates have been rolling out at a pretty speedy rate lately, averaging about 3-4 each month. The latest bump is relatively minor, but it includes a useful new feature to quickly wipe any offline content from your device. A teardown also reveals that there may be a new auto-syncing feature that will download content for offline viewing without the need to manually pick out videos. As usual, we've also got a download link at the bottom if you'd like to grab the apk.

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YouTube v10.28 Improves Offline Download Dialog With 144p Video And Cleaner UI, Expands On Upcoming Voice Commands [APK Download + Teardown]

YouTube's Offline Playback feature was first introduced alongside Music Key back in November, finally giving people a way to store a (limited) selection of videos for trips into areas with poor connectivity, or just to avoid using up capped data plans. While it has remained mostly unchanged in the last 8 months, the latest update finally brings a few modifications. The interface is now a bit more informative and uniform, and there's a new low-quality option (which is actually a good thing). A teardown also revealed some big improvements to the voice command interface that has been in the works for a while.

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YouTube 10.19 Adds A Permanent Cast Button, Changes Some Icons, And Might Add An Audio-Only Mode For Offline Storage [APK Download + Teardown]

YouTube updates have been rolling out about every week or two for the last couple of months. Most of the changes haven't been very big, but they're polishing up little aspects of the app in notable ways. The latest version bump doesn't bring significant modifications, either, but it's continuing the trend of small but visible changes. A permanent Cast button has been placed in the action bar and there are updated icons in the privacy selector for uploads. A quick teardown also reveals that we might finally be able to choose to download just the audio track for offline playback, which should make it much easier to store music for the road.

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Xbox Music Android App Ditches Its Always-Online Requirement, Gets Offline Playback Support For Playlists

Remember when Microsoft angered legions of fans by announcing that the Xbox One would require an Internet connection to use? The company reversed that decision, but thus far, the Xbox Music Android app has functioned in much the same way. Fortunately for it, streaming music is already an established thing, so there won't be nearly as many people excited to find out that the newest version of the app now supports playing playlists offline.


A single switch appears on each playlist that designates which ones should be downloaded, somewhat similar to pinning lists within Play Music. Once toggled, users should be able to take those tunes anywhere that lacks a solid data connection, like an airplane or, depending on their carrier, most of the country.

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[APK Teardown] YouTube 5.3 Reveals Upcoming 'Music Pass' With Uninterrupted Music: Millions Of Songs With No Ads, Offline Playback, And Background Listening

There's a new version of YouTube out, and as usual, hidden inside its chocolaty center are hints at upcoming features and capabilities. We've seen information about a lot of this stuff before, some of which has even been confirmed by Google itself. Aside from the user interface changes we mentioned in the announcement post, there are framework elements for the upcoming YouTube subscription service, "Uninterrupted Playback," an offline video mode, and background music listening.


Take A Peek At Music Pass

The following strings in the 5.3 app look like they're intended to be used for a separate page or popup encouraging users to upgrade to "Music Pass," which we assume is the name for YouTube's upcoming subscription service.

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YouTube's Upcoming Offline Playback Option Will Let You Watch Videos For Up To 48 Hours Without A Connection

Last month YouTube announced that they were going to introduce an offline viewing option to their mobile apps sometime in November. They've since rolled out details about how it's going to work. If you add videos to your device and then disconnect it from the Internet, you will be able to watch the content for up to 48 hours. After those two days have passed, you will have to reconnect in order to watch the videos again, but the 48 hour window will refresh, and the content will remain on your device.

Offline videos and playlists will be stored under an "on device" section of the YouTube sidebar, and you can add more content from the watch page of whatever you're viewing.

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