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ASUS releases Page Marker, a Pocket-like offline page and article saving app [APK Download]

Page Marker was introduced by ASUS as part of ZenUI 4.0, but the app has now found its way onto the Play Store. It might be a closed beta for now as the testing enrollment page isn't open for all, or it could only be compatible with select ASUS devices (none of my devices can get it and even Corbin's two ASUS tablets don't show as compatible), but the app is listed on the Play Store and we were able to grab the APK file for sideloading.

So what exactly is Page Marker? It's kind of like a middle ground between Chrome's built-in page downloader and the full-fledged Pocket service.

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Chrome Dev adds a downloads manager and the ability to save a page for offline viewing

On both mobile and desktop, downloading things from the internet is pretty obviously a big deal. Since it launched in 2008, Chrome has had a download manager, and now the Android version is following suit, with a Download menu appearing in the latest version of Chrome Dev, version 54.0.2840.6.

'Downloads' is in the overflow dropdown menu. It's basically exactly what it says it is: a manager for files downloaded through the browser. However, it seems like it's a bit broken at the moment, as some files don't show up in the UI while others do. I downloaded an MP3 file and it didn't appear despite being on my phone, while a picture did show.

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