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Instagram's offline mode for Android is official

We've known about Instagram's plans to add offline capabilities to its app for a couple of months, and yesterday the news was made official at the Facebook Developer Conference (F8). Instagram is testing offline mode in regions with limited bandwidth to make the app more approachable and adapted to the demands of users there. According to the company, 80% of its community is outside of the US and many of these users are on lesser optimized networks, so making sure the app works when there's slow or no connectivity became a crucial feature to implement.

The way this works is when you're offline, you can still view the preloaded content and several of the app's sections (feed, explore, personal profile, previously visited profiles, etc) and you can interact with them.

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Team and project management app Trello now works offline in the latest v4 update

Project management is a difficult thing, as is coordinating teams (our fearless leaders keep us in line here at AP). Trello is, by no means, a new name in this space. We have covered the app from time to time, especially when it gets notable new features. Well, here's a pretty important one: Trello now works offline.

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AmpMe Adds Offline Mode Support And Auto-Join, Makes It Easier Than Ever To Stream Music Across Phones

When I took my first look at AmpMe, the app that turns your phones and tablets into multiple speakers for the same song, I applauded the app's interface, automatic sound syncing, SoundCloud implementation, and iOS support. However, a few missing features were holding it back (especially compared to SoundSeeder), namely the lack of local music and Google Play Music support as well as the requirement for an active and fast connection to stream everything.

AmpMe remedied part of the first issue by adding local music playback (still no Play Music, unfortunately) and it's fixing the second problem now by adding offline and local WiFi streaming.

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