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Verizon Officially Unveils The DROID Turbo 2 With 'Shatterproof' Screen And Moto Maker, Coming October 29th Starting At $624

Previous rumors asserted that a beefed up version of the Moto X Style called the Moto X Force would come to the US as a Verizon exclusive known as the DROID Turbo 2. Rumors also said Verizon would boast about a so-called unbreakable display and introduce Moto Maker to a DROID device for the first time. Still with me? Good, because as previously leaked promotional materials showed, all of these claims were true, and now we're getting the official word straight from the horse's mouth. Verizon revealed the DROID Turbo 2 at its previously announced press event today (alongside the mid-range DROID Maxx 2) and proceeded to drop the device from around six feet onto concrete.

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Lenovo Announces The Yoga Tab 3 And Yoga Tab 3 Pro, Remixed Versions Of Its Unique Tablet Designs

Lenovo's Yoga series of Android tablets has always been unique, with its curvy design and integrated kickstand. Despite a tepid reviewer response to the last generation (mostly to do with a downright awful software skin), the company is powering ahead with a third revision, this time omitting the bombastic 13-inch model and moving some of its features down to the 10-inch version. The more pedestrian Yoga Tab 3 will go on sale in October, with the more spec-heavy Tab 3 Pro starting in November.

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Motorola Makes The Second-Gen Moto 360 Official: Small And Large Sizes, Women's Version, Sport Model With GPS, And The Familiar Flat Tire Screen

Motorola hasn't done a particularly good job of keeping its new Android Wear devices a secret, but today they've made them official. There are now four models to choose from: what you might call the "classic" version, 46mm wide, a new 42mm smaller version that comes in men's and women's variants, and the "sport" model with a silicone band and built-in GPS. All of them ditch Motorola's questionable choice of a Texas Instruments chipset in favor of the Snapdragon 400, which has become the de facto standard for Android Wear watches.


Aside from the new size and the sport model, the changes are few, at least on the outside.

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Samsung Makes The Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge Official: Exynos Chips, Metal Frames, And Important Changes For Android's De Facto Flagship

We've seen them leaked to death, we've seen months of rumors and speculation. Now we have verified info on the real deal: Samsung's double flagship for 2015. The Galaxy S6 will probably be the best-selling Android device this year no matter what any other manufacturer does, and the Galaxy S6 Edge is Samsung's attempt to one-up themselves with an interesting take on the standard slate design.

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Motorola Makes The 2nd Gen Moto E Official—Now Available For $150 With LTE, $120 3G-Only Option Coming Soon

We've already seen how the new Moto E looks, but now Motorola has made things official. The 2nd generation low-cost handset is available now in the US for $149.99 with LTE. A $119.99 3G-only option is coming soon. Note, the version you can get today is the GSM model, not the one coming from Verizon.

Here's what has changed since 2014. This year's handset comes powered by a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 410 processor, up from last year's Snapdragon 200 (edit: the 3G model will remain with the 200). The 4.3-inch 540 by 960 display has made the jump up to a 4.5 inches, reducing the ppi from 256 to 245.

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Verizon Makes The DROID Turbo Official: A Beefed-Up Moto X With A Monster Battery, Launching Thursday For $200 On Contract

Verizon's yearly update of the DROID line is today, and once again Motorola has borrowed heavily from its Moto X flagship to make the carrier's customized phone. For 2014 there's only one new Motorola DROID, as opposed to three models last year and the year before. Say hello to the DROID Turbo, if you haven't already checked out nearly every detail that's been leaked. It will be available from Verizon's retailers and online store on Thursday, October 30th starting at $199.99 on-contract.


The DROID Turbo is basically a re-skinned Moto X 2014 with improvements in almost every category. The screen, camera, and battery are the biggest changes in the spec list: while the DROID Turbo's 5.2-inch is the same size as Motorola's flagship, it gets a resolution bump to 2560x1440, making it one of the sharpest screens around.

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Google Makes The HTC Nexus 9 Official With 8.9" Display, Turbo Charging, Android Lollipop Available For Pre-Order October 17 Starting At $399

It's been a long wait for the Nexus 9. Of course, that's partially our fault for leaking the device's existence back in June. Since that time, we've seen rumored accessories, accidental confirmation, a trip to the FCC, and even a quick photo of the back of the device, but today it's finally really official.

The device is generally as we expected. It's an HTC-made Nexus tablet with a 4:3 aspect ratio and a 9" display (give or take). The tablet is not aluminum as we originally heard (plans change, after all), but evidently it does have brushed aluminum sides.

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Reddit's Official Ask Me Anything App Hits The Play Store As Promised

Just a couple of days ago, Reddit launched an official app specifically geared toward helping users read "Ask Me Anything" threads, but the app was only available for iOS users through the App Store. It was promised, however, that the app would be available for Android "later this week." A mere two days later the app has been released.

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[New App] NBC Universal Releases Official Universal Orlando App To Deliver Timely, Relevant Info To Park-Goers

In an effort to make your vacation to Universal Orlando Resort more pleasant and at least a little less chaotic, NBC Universal has released an official app to the Play Store that promises to "put everything you need to know about your vacation in the palm of your hand."

Essentially, the app gives users timely, contextual information about their visit, showing wait times for attractions and rides inside the parks, in-park notifications, and a map that will navigate you through the park to your chosen ride or destination.

The app also allows users to create lists of their favorite attractions, and promises "hidden surprises throughout the parks."

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It's not perfect, but the app's interface looks pretty well-polished, and there's no denying that helpful planning and guiding functionality is a big help when visiting an amusement park.

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Samsung's Galaxy S5 Active Made Official, Available From AT&T In Camo Green, Ruby Red, Titanium Gray

The Galaxy S5 Active, Samsung's much-leaked ruggedized version of its latest flagship, is now official, and available from AT&T in three colors - Camo Green, Ruby Red, and Titanium Gray.

download (1) download download (2)

6510A-3 6512A-2 6511A-3

Just like the previous entry in the Active family, the S5 Active is water and dust resistant, and looks quite capable of taking some abuse. The S5 Active, as you may guess, is essentially the Galaxy S5 in a rougher, tougher chassis. They share almost all the same specs, though the Active does not sport a fingerprint scanner. The device does have a dedicated button, however, for launching your "activity-related features."

If you've been waiting on the edge of your seat for the S5 Active to be made available to the public, you can order it now from AT&T for $200 on contract, or $715 contract-free.

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