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The TWRP team releases official app for the popular custom recovery

If you're like me and have spent entirely too much time flashing ROMs and such over the years, then you know about TWRP. The Team Win Recovery Project took over what ClockworkMod started all those years ago. It's powerful, versatile, and supports a huge list of devices. Well, now you can add an official app from the team to the board of everything they offer (for free).

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DeviantArt Gets An Official Android App, Awesome Digital Resources And Terrible Sonic Fanart Are Now On Your Phone

DeviantArt. Is there anywhere else that you can find such a wretched hive of scum and villainy? Well yes, if we're talking about the Internet, there certainly is. But none of them have quite the same air of desperate hipness and needy self-approval as the long-running digital art gallery and quasi social network. Now if you'd like to browse through millions of pieces of user-submitted art or manage your own profile, you can do so with the official DeviantArt Android app.

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I shouldn't judge. There is some legitimately amazing work on DeviantArt, and I only know about the site because I was an active member many, many moons ago.

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[New App] Official Mashable App Available Now On Newer Samsung Devices, Wider Launch Set For Next Week

Mashable is sort of the middle ground for breaking stories and Internet memes: it includes metrics so that the most popular stuff gets to the top, but the formatting and content are friendly enough to appeal to a wider group of users than, say, Reddit. Now there's an official app available in the Play Store. Samsung seems to have secured an exclusive for the launch.

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At the moment the description says that you'll need a Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, or any of the new Galaxy Tab 3 models to download and use the app. (The splash screen proudly displays "Presented By Samsung Galaxy S4.")

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Official Ticketmaster App Hits The Play Store, Lets You Impulse Buy Nicki Minaj Tickets On The Go

If you spend an unhealthy amount of time looking for event tickets, then you've probably been to Ticketmaster a time or ten. And if you've been to Ticketmaster, then you know just how many events are covered under its umbrella. 

However, if you're not sitting at your computer when you hear about an event or the mood strikes you to buy tickets of some kind, you were pretty much out of the loop until you made your way to a PC. Now, though, that all changes: Ticketmaster has released its official Android app in to the Play Store.

Screenshot_2012-05-30-12-46-29 Screenshot_2012-05-30-12-45-39 Screenshot_2012-05-30-12-44-53

Yep, it's ugly.

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