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Google announces Manhattan campus expansion

Google first established office space in New York in 2000, in a space that had formerly been a Starbucks. Since then, the company's New York operation has ballooned to more than 7,000 employees working on a range of products, including big-ticket services like Search and Maps. Google has announced that in order to accommodate its growing East Coast workforce, it's set in motion plans to move into three new Lower Manhattan office spaces.

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Office Space: Idle Profits asks what you would do with a million dollars

Hot off of the heels of Beavis and Butt-Head's success, writer and director Mike Judge created a little film you might have heard of called Office Space. It was written to lampoon the Silicon Valley lifestyle Judge had experienced working there in the 80's. Office Space is of course now considered a cult classic, and is one of the most quotable movies in existence. Today I will be taking a quick look at an effort by FoxNext Games and Kongregate to recreate some of this film's magic with their release of an idle tapping game titled Office Space: Idle Profits.

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Google+ v8.4 adds avatar photos to comment previews, prepares to let users show off their flair, and may auto-hide NSFW images [APK Teardown + Download]

The updates are flowing steadily today and Google+ is playing along with its own set of tweaks and enhancements. This version looks like it's mostly centered around subtle refinements and closing some old to-do items. The biggest visible change seems to be profile pictures that appear in the comment previews below posts. That doesn't mean there aren't a few other things to check out. A teardown adds to the fun the promise of configurable "flair" on your own profile, tap-to-reveal covers for potentially inappropriate images, and the setup for privacy settings.

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