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Microsoft's new all-in-one Office app is now available for all (Update: Tablet support soon)

Once upon a time, you could view and edit Google Docs files from a single Drive app, but Google later split them up into multiple editing applications. Microsoft is now doing the reverse: it's combining the Android versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into one app to rule them all.

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[What year is it?] Microsoft Outlook updated with ability to sync drafts, more features coming soon to Android

Today, Microsoft has announced a slew of updates to its Outlook apps across all platforms, ranging from desktop and the web to mobile. Most of the new features are actually only live for the web and desktop for now, but the Android app is set to be updated too as early as May.

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Microsoft Office Lens, A Portable Scanner, Gets Ability To Rotate Photos And (Sort Of) Handwriting OCR In Rare Update

Microsoft's Office Lens scanning app is really good at what it does and that might be why they don't bother to update it too often nowadays. But this is one of those special times when it has gotten some love from the good people in Redmond. The headlining feature is getting to OCR handwritten text in scans, but I assure you that there is a bit of a catch. More practically useful is the other new feature, the option to rotate your scans.

Screenshot (April 26, 2016 10:27 PM) Screenshot_2016-04-26-22-30-18

So what's the deal with getting OCR on scans of handwritten documents? Well, for the uninitiated, OCR refers to methods for parsing letters from images.

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Microsoft Office Lens, An App For Scanning Documents With Your Camera, Is Now Available As A Stable Release

Office Lens, which was released in a semi-private beta in April, is now widely available through the Play Store. The app had been on Windows Phone for quite a while and, continuing their pattern, Microsoft decided they wanted it on Android as well. Office Lens uses your phone or tablet's built-in camera to scan documents or whiteboards and convert them to PDF or office document formats. Here's an example of how it's supposed to work from the app info:

officelens1 officelens2

Of course, lots of things will affect how well it works in your experience. The lighting, the quality of the camera, steadiness of your hands, and untold other factors may result in far less success than Microsoft's example images.

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