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Office 365 is now Microsoft 365, new Outlook features and screen time app coming to Android

Microsoft introduced Office 365 in 2011 as a new subscription model for the company's popular suite of office applications, but it has gradually expanded in scope since then. Today it was announced that Office 365 is being renamed to Microsoft 365, and there are new features for both consumers and large organizations alike.

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G Suite integrations for Hangouts Meet and Calendar offer new compatibility with Skype, Cisco, and more


One of the key issues facing any business is making sure the technology and services you use facilitate easy collaboration, both internally and externally. Thanks to new integrations in Hangouts Meet and Google Calendar, G Suite users should find it easier than ever to have meetings with users of other platforms.

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[What year is it?] Microsoft Outlook updated with ability to sync drafts, more features coming soon to Android

Today, Microsoft has announced a slew of updates to its Outlook apps across all platforms, ranging from desktop and the web to mobile. Most of the new features are actually only live for the web and desktop for now, but the Android app is set to be updated too as early as May.

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Astro's voice assistant is dedicated to managing your emails

The Astro email app launched earlier in the year with the promise of helping you to clean up your inbox using AI. It's available for Office 365 and Gmail accounts and had garnered praise from users of both services. There's an integration that lets you manage your emails from Slack, and since June it's been possible to manage your emails with Astrobot Voice via an Alexa Skill on Amazon's Echo speaker. That same voice assistant functionality is now available directly from the app.

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Google Calendar Interop for Microsoft Exchange now supports real-time lookups

For businesses that use both G Suite and Microsoft Office, the Google Calendar Interop for Microsoft Exchange is an important utility. It connects the two platforms allowing users of both to connect with one another and share appointment information. Google has just announced some improvements to the service, including real-time calendar lookups shared between the systems.

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The Microsoft Planner app is now available on Android [APK Download]

Last summer, Microsoft launched Planner as part of its Office 365 suite of productivity apps for businesses and schools. It could readily be described as a Trello style kanban board with the collaborative functionality of a tool like Basecamp rolled in as well. After the launch of the iOS app last week, Microsoft is now bringing Planner to Android.

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Microsoft Teams is now generally available to Office 365 users worldwide

Microsoft has announced a global, general availability for its Slack competitor, Teams. The internal chat service released in a preview form back in November for Enterprise/Business customers. It is deeply integrated with Office 365, which is perfect for organizations mired in the Microsoft ecosystem.

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Microsoft Bookings app now available on the Play Store for beta testers

Microsoft Bookings is a service available to Office 365 Business Premium subscribers who also happen to be small business owners and want to easily manage their staff's schedules, appointment bookings, client reminders, and more. It launched in July in limited capacity and only on the web, with mobile apps promised "in the coming months."

The Android app is now available, but only accessible to beta testers. It's just useful for business owners (clients and staff can use email or the web component) to manage their business from their phone.

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Microsoft's Obscure Project "Madeira" Preview Comes To The Play Store For Business Management

Microsoft is at it again. There's a new app under the developer's name on the Play Store, and both the description and name left us a little wondering. Aside from a cryptic name, Project "Madeira" isn't compatible with any of my devices — it's probably georestricted — and the sign-up page (uncovered by @walkingcat) doesn't seem to work for me.

But if you read the Play Store description and check the screenshots, you'll see that Madeira seems like an Office 365-integrated business management solution for small to medium companies. It should allow them to manage their stock inventory as well as their sales and purchases with different customers and vendors, create and share bills and quotes, and check their finances and performance.

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Microsoft Releases Android Version Of Outlook Groups, A Companion To Office 2016

Microsoft sees competition coming in from the likes of HipChat and Slack—newer online services that want in on the company's action. Business communications? That's Microsoft's thing. That's what Outlook is for!

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