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[Deal Alert] SanDisk's Dual USB 3.0 And MicroUSB OTG Flash Drives Are At Their Lowest Prices On Amazon

If your modern phone or tablet doesn't have a MicroSD card slot like many Android flagships and mid-tier devices released in the last couple of years, you have a few limited options to transfer data between it and other devices or computers. There's Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and finally there's USB OTG. That should be the fastest and if you have a flash drive with both a USB and a MicroUSB connector, you're set. If you don't, you can pick one of the best ones for cheap on Amazon today.

SanDisk's Ultra USB 3.0 flash drives with a MicroUSB connector are on sale now.

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[Deal Alert] The New Nest Cam Drops By $25 To $175 At Amazon And Walmart

Nest's new Cam has been available for a few months with its 1080p video capture and better WiFi signals, but it's not the cheapest connected security cam you can get for your home. If you've been wanting one but the $199 price was a little too hard to digest, you may be happy to know that the Cam has dropped by $25 online.

Both Amazon and Walmart are showing the new Nest Cam at a $175 price (minus a few pennies here and there) and that could be all the persuasion you need to grab one. Or if it was already on your Holiday shopping list, now might be a better time to jump the gun and get one.

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[Deal Alert] The Excellent 'This War Of Mine' Game Comes To Phones, Celebrates With A 50% Discount To $6.99 In Many Countries

Do you want to bust through doors, fire dozens of machine guns, and kill all the baddies? Then This War of Mine isn't what you're looking for. War heroes aren't just the fighters, they're also the survivors who find themselves thrown into a bleak world and have to scrape for meat, find a shelter, protect each other, and just try to get through each day unharmed and alive. That's the aspect of war that This War of Mine taps into, and it does so with surprising depth and sensibility for a "game". Our own Michael was very impressed when he reviewed it.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB International Unlocked G925F Variant Is Down To $549.99 On Ebay

Remember the exorbitant amount of casheesh that Samsung wanted for its Galaxy S6 Edge less than half a year ago? Yeah, that's no more. As is the case with most flagships, if you're patient enough to wait for prices to drop, they inevitably will and to a point where you could actually consider forking that much money for them.

A few weeks ago, we spotted the 32GB S6 Edge down at $499, and now we're seeing the 64GB version at an equally awesome discount. How awesome? $549.99. That's how much the eBay seller wants for the G925F model, which is the international unlocked variant of the phone.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Prime Is $67 Today, September 25th, Following The Success Of Its "Transparent" Series At The Emmys

After winning 5 Emmys at the 2015 Emmy Awards for its original series Transparent, Amazon announced that it would celebrate by slashing the price of a Prime membership. Given that these were the 67th Emmys, the price Amazon set is $67, down 32% from the usual $99.

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[Deal Alert] Get A 6-Month Pandora One Subscription For 20% Off ($24 Instead Of $30)

Does Google Play Music All Access not quench your thirst for music streaming and random audio discoveries? Do you fail to see the appeal behind Spotify's playlists? Then maybe you use Pandora as your audio station and let it curate music just the way you like it... except when you don't and can't skip that horrible tune it just threw in your ears because you've already used your skips for the day.

Your solution is a Pandora One subscription, a $4.99/month subscription that gives you more daily skips and lesser timeouts, while also removing ads. But if $4.99 is too much to pay, or if you're already a Pandora One subscriber and want to save a bit, there's a sweet little deal over on StackSocial that you may be interested in.

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HTC Hot Deals Are Back In The US: Save 40% On The Nexus 9, 25% On The M9 With $100 Play Store Credit, And 50% On Accessories And Re Cameras

Remember when HTC had its Hot Deals discounts in July and everyone tried to grab a Nexus 9 for 40% off? Well, the deal is back and you better hurry because the stocks seem to be depleting as I type this. Right now, only one color of each 16GB (black) and 32GB (white) Nexus 9 remains available, while the other is gone, gone, gone. If you're too lazy to do the math, you're looking at paying $239.40 instead of $399 for the 16GB, and $287.40 instead of $479 for the 32GB. At those prices, the tablet's flaws sort of disappear from the equation.

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[Deal Alert] Get The Unlocked 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 For $479.99 On Ebay

It hasn't been two weeks since we shared with you an eBay deal for the unlocked 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6, but the price has gone even lower now. Forget about the $499.99 tag, it's now $479.99 — the cheapest we have ever seen the S6 at.

This sale gets you the G920i version of the S6, which is the international variant. But it is factory unlocked and supports the 3G/LTE bands for AT&T's network. It will work on T-Mobile's LTE too, but it will be limited to the carrier's 1900MHz re-farmed HSPA+ areas.

The deal is valid for the black, white, and gold versions of the S6, and shipping is provided to the USA for free (with tax only in Missouri), and a swath of other countries for a fee.

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[Deal Alert] Grab A New Nexus 9 32GB For $350 On Ebay (27% Off Its Original Price)

Did you miss the HTC Hot Deals sale on the Nexus 9 tablet? Well, we've got the next best thing for you. The 32GB version of the tablet is now being sold on eBay for $349.99, down from its original price of $479. This amounts to a 27% discount, which is a little less drool-worthy than the 40% off that HTC was offering (where the tablet plummeted to $287.40), but still a great deal especially if you compare it to Amazon's $395.

The units are new and sold in their original unopened packaging. The seller says there's a limited quantity available, and there are 32 units already gone, so you may have to make a quick decision on this one.

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HTC Is Having A Big Sale In The US, Up To 50% Off The Nexus 9, One M9, Re Camera, And All Its Accessories

HTC is feeling generous today so it's running a Hot Deals promotion on most of its flagship devices and all of its accessories. The discounts range anywhere from 25% on the HTC One M9 (on contract) to 50% on the Re Camera and any accessory you want on its US store. Let's break them down.

For Nexus lovers, the Nexus 9 tablet is being discounted 40% in both of its WiFi variants. The 16GB is down from $399 to $239.40, and the 32GB is down from $479 to $287.40. If you do the math, you can get the 32GB for more than $100 less than what you'd normally pay for the 16GB version.

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