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Google offers free Nest Hub for Nest Aware subscribers, redemption codes are now working

Google has an interesting history of giving away copious numbers of its Assistant-powered smart speakers. For example, you've probably received one or more Home Minis if you're a subscriber to YouTube Premium (and again), Google One, Spotify, or Google Fi, just to name a few. Now they're raising the stakes by offering a free Nest Hub to some Nest Aware subscribers.

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Fitbit and Peloton offer free 90-day Premium memberships to help you exercise, eat, and sleep better (Updated)

With everyone stuck at home, stressed, moving very little and probably eating a lot more, it's becoming crucial to take care of our bodies and minds to be able to sustain our quarantines and fight the coronavirus pandemic. Fitbit is here to help us with that thanks to a new offer on its paid service.

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Deezer Premium comes to Google Home in the US, Australia, Canada, and Italy — US Home and Chromecast owners get 3 months for $0.99 offer

It's been a long road for Deezer's support on Google Home. First announced during last year's I/O, the service launched in Germany and France in August of 2017, then took its sweet time to arrive in the UK this April. Now, it has finally crossed the Atlantic and become available in the US and Canada. It also came to Australia and Italy.

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[UK Deal Alert] £50 off a Google Pixel 2 or 2 XL, plus a free Home Mini

Anyone who kept an eye on the price of the original Google Pixels will have noticed that they were seldom discounted, especially in the UK, which was a real pain for anyone waiting for the price to drop before picking one up. Only once the 2nd generation models were released did the originals finally come down substantially. We expect the Pixel 2s to follow a similar pattern, but the holidays can throw up the occasional surprise.

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[Update: €349 in rest of Europe] Google drops Pixel C price significantly in the UK, now just £299

The Pixel C tablet is something of a forgotten product. That has a lot to do with where Android tablets are right now: the category is all but dead by this point. The space has been taken over by cheap Chromebooks, many of which can now run Android apps and operate in tablet mode.

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MetroPCS is offering four lines with unlimited LTE for just $100 with a new line, plus a free phone with every port-in

A couple of months back, MetroPCS offered two unlimited LTE lines for $75. That was already a pretty great deal, but today Metro announced an even better one: four unlimited lines for a stunningly low $100. And for every line you port in, Metro will give you a free phone.

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[Update: Prices for current Pixels are now up] Google Store's trade-in program is already live for the Pixel, and the offers aren't great

We first learned about a possible trade-in program that Google was running with the launch of the Moto X4 on Android One. But at that time, we only knew that Nexus devices would be eligible for offers up to $165, and that trade-ins before October 5th would get an additional $50 of Fi credit. The Google Store's trade-in program has now gone live ahead of the Pixel 2 launch, and the offers are unsurprisingly low.

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LG expands its list of Assistant-compatible appliances, offers free Google Home with every new purchase

LG announced its Google Home integration back in May, but at the time only a few models from its Signature line of appliances was compatible with the Assistant. LG is expanding this list now to 87 WiFi-connected refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, vacuums, air purifiers, A/Cs, and more.

The integration first requires your appliance to be set up through the LG SmartThinQ app (wow, terrible ratings), and then you have to link that to your Assistant. LG isn't a first-party partner yet (it's not in the Home Control section like Hue and Nest), so you'll have to search through Assistant's integrations (blue icon on the top right when launching Assistant on a phone) to find it.

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[Deal Alert] Get $5 off on any book over $5 on Google Play

Today is the fifth anniversary of the Google Play Store. That's right, it has been five years since we saw the last of the Android Market - unless you had a very old device that never received the redesigned store app. To celebrate, Google is taking $5 off any book on Google Play Books - as long as it costs more than $5 to begin with.

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Chromecast Ultra owners can get Ghostbusters (2016) for free from Google Play Movies

Google is known for periodically offering free goodies to Chromecast owners. Most recently, Google gave three free months of HBO Now with purchase of a Chromecast. In the Chromecast Ultra's first promotion, you can grab a free copy of the Ghostbusters remake in 4K from Google Play Movies. It may not be the best-performing movie this year, but you can't beat free.

The offer is available to anyone who has purchased and activated a Chromecast Ultra before December 31st, and you can redeem the offer until April 30. As you might expect, this is only valid in the United States and Canada.

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