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[Meta] You can now block annoying jerks in Disqus comments

Android Police and many other sites use Disqus to manage comments, and today the platform is getting a very welcome new feature. Users can now block people they don't want to hear from without bugging moderators. Beware, comment trolls.

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What's Cooler Than 5 Popped Collars? 5 Popped Google Glasses, Of Course

Have you heard? The popped collar is coming back. But that's sooo last year now that we have Google Glass. Presenting: 5 popped Google Glasses (combined current value of $7,500 or more like $8k if you count taxes), because having 4 popped Glasses on isn't nearly as cool.


Right part of the image credit: +Adib Towfiq

Left part of the image credit: Someone on the Interwebs, who the hell knows.

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