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Catan VR available on Oculus store for Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR is the less discussed virtual reality headset for Android, and because of that, you often don't hear about the newest Gear VR games hitting the virtual shelves. Well, today I have a big one to announce. Asmodee Digital and Experiment 7 have released Catan VR on the Oculus store and you can grab the Gear VR version right now for $9.99.

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Samsung Internet Is A Web Browser For Gear VR Hitting The Oculus Store Tomorrow, December 2nd

The Gear VR takes your smartphone's screen and holds it much closer to your eyes than you would ever do yourself. Then with the proper use of sensors, it makes you feel like you're someplace else.

But Samsung doesn't want you to think its weird-looking goggles are a one-trick pony. It has developed a web browser that may not be quite as exciting as riding a helicopter over the Hawaiian islands but still manages to be significantly more immersive than your typical web surfing experience.

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