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[Deal Alert] 8-Port 84 Watt 16.8 Amp OctoFire USB Charger Drops To A Low Price Of $32 On Amazon

Can you have too many USB ports? That depends. Is eight too many? If your answer is a resounding no, then now is a good time to pick up a OctoFire USB charger on Amazon. The device that lets you and your buddies charge four short of a dozen gadgets has reached a new low of $32.

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The hub plugs into the wall and provides 84 watts and 16.8 amps of juice.

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Skiva PowerFlow Octofire Is The Bugatti Veyron Of USB Hubs, Can Charge 8 Devices Up To 2.1A At Once Now For $79.99

Power! Unlimited power! Okay, technically the Skiva PowerFlow Octofire limits us to charging eight devices at once, but in a world of plugging devices into power outlets one at a time, this sounds like a gift from the gods. Users can charge two families' worth of devices (or, for the sake of imagination, half of a college class, every phone in a very small office, or all the handsets that can fit in the pockets contained within a clown car).

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