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The New York Times releases its Chinese Edition Android app

The New York Times website exists in 3 language flavors: English, Spanish, and Chinese, and now the latter is graduating to also become a standalone Android app. You may be wondering why a website that's blocked in China would release an app on an app store that's also not legally available in China, but you'd be forgetting that Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with native speakers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and plenty of Southeast Asian countries, not to count all the Chinese immigrants around the world. Plus those inside Mainland China who use proxies to access restricted content.

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The famous New York Times crossword puzzles move across platforms and down to the Play Store

The first and last time I attempted to solve a crossword was on a 12-hour flight from Amman to Chicago where I just couldn't sleep or do anything else. I love word and math games, but for some reason, crosswords never really hit the right spot for me, so I just gloss over them when I come across one. But I know a lot of people who absolutely dig crosswords. And for them, the New York Times is the epitome of puzzles.

Now those same puzzles, which were previously only available on iOS and the web, are also accessible on your Android phone through the NYTimes Crossword app.

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Video: Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan Gives Mouth-Watering Demo Of Google Glass At SXSW, Shows Off Controls, Apps, More

The hype surrounding the concept of Google's much-talked-about Project Glass may have hit its first peak during last year's Google I/O conference when stuntmen jumped out of a plane wearing the device, but the demonstration left many people wanting an explanation of what else Glass can do besides first-person photo/video recording.

Since then, we've seen a few admittedly awesome videos, including a DVF fashion show through glass, and more recently the brilliantly-executed "How It Feels" which went a bit further toward showing real-world use, but at SXSW today, attendees were given what might be the most informative (and exciting) demo we've seen yet.

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New York Times App Updated To Version 3.0 With Adaptable (Tablet-Optimized) UI And More

It's always exciting to see a new app hit the Play Store intended for tablets, but it's even better to see an existing app's UI updated to accommodate larger devices. Looking to bring Android tablet users a more aesthetically pleasing experience when reading the news, the New York Times Company today updated its app to version 3.0 with an interface that is no longer just a blown up version of its phone-centric counterpart.


That isn't to say the interface is totally new, however. As NYT indicates, the UI is now adaptable, meaning it reacts to your device's display to deliver the most appropriate interface for the form factor.

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New York Times Releases 'Election 2012' App To The Market, Lets You Easily Keep Up With The Latest Political News (Subscription Required)

The New York Times just released a new app to the Market that exclusively covers anything and everything going on in the world of politics, with a focus on the upcoming election. The app, simply called "NYTimes Election 2012" is a must have for NYT subscribers who want to keep up with the latest political happenings, as it offers some useful features:

  • News grouped by topic so you can quickly and easily find the topics that you care about
  • Latest stories are highlighted with a red dot, making it easy to find the latest news at a glance
  • Live election results and country-by-country maps
  • Vote projections
  • A database of polling results
  • Candidate pages with updates, bios, and stats
  • Primary calendar
  • Editorials, etc.
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