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Software Upgrade 5.1 now available for Shield Tablet and Tablet K1

NVIDIA has one of the best track records for software support among Android manufacturers. The original Nvidia Shield tablet, originally released in 2014 with Android 4.4 KitKat, is still being updated and currently runs Android 7.0 Nougat. Now both the original Shield Tablet and the newer Tablet K1 have a new update.

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CBS Sports app available on Android TV, for real this time

Back in April of 2015 — yes, 2015, which is now 2 years ago if you've lost track of time — the CBS Sports app got updated with the changelog showing "Android TV Support." We cheered for the news like we do when apps that make sense to view on a big screen jump over to Android TV, but our joy was very short-lived. Despite the changelog, neither the ADT-1 nor the Nexus Player showed as compatible with the app so we could not install it and try it out.

It looks like someone at the CBS Sports app dev team may have jumped the gun "a little" with their changelog as the app only now, a whole 21 months later, became really compatible with Android TV.

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[Deal Alert] Grab a 16 GB NVIDIA SHIELD 2017 for $175 at Best Buy with Visa Checkout ($25 off)

There's been a lot of talk about the new NVIDIA SHIELD this morning, but no one has told you how to get a good deal on it yet. It's a good thing your buddy Jeff at AP cares about your wallet and wants to make sure you get the best price available. That best price is at Best Buy. The blue box retailer currently has a promotion running with Visa Checkout that will take $25 off any purchase of $100. Well, I say any purchase, but there are tons of excluded products and categories (including basically everything Amazon and Google makes). Fortunately, the SHIELD is not excluded, meaning you can pick one for just $175.

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NVIDIA SHIELD (2017) review: Still the king for a reason

NVIDIA's SHIELD Android TV console has been, since its launch in 2015, the only Android TV you really should be paying attention to. For 2017, it has received a very light hardware refresh. Even with the changes overall being minor, it is still the only Android TV device you should be paying attention to.

Now, many of the changes in the 2017 version of SHIELD came to the existing SHIELD console today via the 5.0 upgrade, including Android 7.0. The old model, too, will get Google Assistant, SmartThings support, and Amazon Instant Video. And this brings me to the second major point of our review: If you already have a SHIELD, there's no reason to replace it with this refreshed version.

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The NVIDIA SHIELD (2017) is now available to order

NVIDIA announced its new Android TV top-box, the SHIELD TV, at CES less than a couple of weeks ago and now it's available for you to order. This is the real deal, not the small mistake Best Buy made a couple of days ago by putting inventory up for sale too soon. Both the regular 16GB SHIELD and the 500GB SHIELD Pro are ready to take your money, but the latter is only pre-order now. It should be in stock around the end of the month.

The new SHIELD has a smaller body, a new controller, 4K and HDR support, the same Tegra X1 processor and 3GB of RAM, and the same storage tiers.

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Best Buy already has the new NVIDIA SHIELD on store shelves, and you can try to buy one

NVIDIA's hot new Shield TV hasn't officially been released yet, but Best Buy apparently didn't get the memo. Although the Best Buy online listings for the Shield TV and Shield TV Pro only allow you to pre-order, some stores actually have the base model on shelves. One tipster was able to purchase one from his local store, as seen from the pictures and receipt below.

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New FCC documents show photos of the SHIELD Portable 2, release still seems iffy

NVIDIA seems committed to a set-top box format and Android TV platform for its SHIELD brand, revealing a slightly tweaked model of the device at CES as the first major hardware revision in a year and a half. But fans of the original SHIELD, the somewhat goofy and crazy-powerful Android portable console, have been clamoring for a new device for even longer than that. The last we heard about follow-up from NVIDIA was almost two years ago, but it looks like someone at the company has been busy between now and then.

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Google Assistant on Android TV supports continuous conversation mode

By far one of the most annoying aspects of Google Now and Assistant is that you have to speak "OK Google," before every command. Even though Now and Assistant can continue conversations based on context (for example, you can follow up "Who is the president?" with "How old is he?"), you still have to say "OK Google" before asking anything.

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Google Assistant coming to Android TV, more actions in development

Until now, Google Assistant has been limited to the Google Home and the Pixel phones (unless you edited your phone's build.prop file). Assistant is slowly making its way to more devices, starting with Android TV. "In the coming months," it will become available on all Android TV devices in the US running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher (sorry, ADT-1 owners).

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This is very likely NVIDIA's 2017 refresh of the SHIELD Android TV, which may come in two sizes

There have been rumblings that NVIDIA was planning a refresh of its popular Android TV set top box at CES in January, and based on pictures we've obtained, that definitely seems to be true. While we don't have any specifications or features to share, we can show you what the new box(es!) and their accompanying control devices look like.

Visually, the new boxes and TV controller seem identical to the outgoing model - there's really nothing that's changed there as far as I can see. The gamepad, however, is sporting an overhauled design with some rather interesting geometric cues. I can't say I love the look, but the new shape does seem a little more ergonomic than the old controller.

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