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Google Fit v1.57 will add group challenges, nutrition data, local rankings, target weight, and more [APK Teardown]

Last week, a fairly major update to Google Fit came with a fresh coat of paint for the interface and a few important feature enhancements. It now supports multiple goals with more options, weight tracking, new metrics, and quite a bit more. It wasn't a complete overhaul, but it certainly looks and feels like a whole new app. But that's not the whole story, there's actually quite a bit more in this update that hasn't emerged yet. A teardown reveals some other features that will either activate soon or turn up with the rollout of future updates. But before we get to that, there were actually a couple more things that popped up since the first post.

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Google Fit v1.55.44 Adds Run Mapping, Nutrition And Sleep Tracking, Audible Alerts, And Much More [APK Download + Teardown]

A very long-awaited update to Google Fit began rolling out earlier this week, but it seemed to focus almost entirely on improvements to the Wear micro-app while the main app was all but ignored. As it turns out, that was a mistake. A fresh update to the app started rolling out yesterday and it brings the rest of the features that were intended for this release – and what a list of features they are.

Note: Everything here was about to be part of a teardown, but the update stole that thunder.

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Google Inserts Nutrition Info Into Search, Can Report How Many Calories Are In Full Meals

I really want to live and eat more healthily, but lets be frank - it's rough. When it comes to exercising, staying disciplined is hard. When it comes to eating nutritious foods, ignorance is easy. For better or worse, that last excuse is going away now that Google is dragging nutrition information into search results. Ask your phone how many calories are in that bucket of popcorn, and let the guilt sink in.

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Google can pull out the juicy details for over 1,000 fruits, vegetables, and meats. This information will appear in a text box above general search results, just as President Barack Obama's birthdate already does for anyone who has ever found themselves wondering.

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