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There are now more than 30,000 connected devices that work with the Assistant across 3,500 brands

Google barely flexes its muscles by announcing concrete numbers of shipped physical products, but loves throwing around numbers for things that are technically out of our immediate reach – just like the number of smart home devices its Assistant supports. That number has climbed to 30,000 devices from 3,500 brands, as the company just announced at Google I/O.

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LineageOS passes 500,000 active installs worldwide, OnePlus One is the most popular device

CyanogenMod has been the most widely-used custom ROM for years, with at least 10 million users at one point. After Cyanogen Inc kicked the bucket, the community-maintained LineageOS continued CM's efforts. The official statistics page for the project now shows 515,000 active installs (at the time of writing), a great achievement for the relatively-new ROM.

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Over 600 Android Phones Launched In The Last Year, 65 Billion Apps Installed, And Other Numbers

The past year has been good for Android. As Google likes to do during each of its annual developer conferences, it happily boasted about a few numbers. Engineering Vice President Dave Burke appeared happy to give the news.

Companies launched over 600 phones in the past year. During this time, Android users installed apps over 65 billion times.

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Latest Chrome Beta Update Brings Back Number Indicator For Open Tabs

In July, Chrome Beta was updated with a new interface that more closely adhered to Google's new design vision - material design. Fitting with Google's occasional habit of stripping things down during major refreshes (see Google Maps on the web), many elements of the interface were sliced, rearranged, or simplified, including the tab indicator in the top right corner of the screen. Previously, the indicator showed users how many tabs were open, but after the redesign it simply displayed a square (or two stacked squares if you had multiple tabs open). This was a thorn in the side of many users, who missed the helpful bit of information.

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Math Nerds And Card Nerds Can Both Geek Out With Calculords, Now Available On Android

You know what collectible card battle games are missing? Math. Well, that's not strictly true: your standard Magic clone includes a lot of math, but it usually doesn't go much further than counting. The new Android game Calculords is a mixture of the standard card battle formula, lane-based strategy, and some grade school arithmetic. It made quite a splash on iOS a few months ago, and it looks like the Android translation is just about perfect. It's available on the Play Store for $3.

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Calculords comes from rookie developer Ninja Crime, the brainchild of Cracked writer Seanbaby (though I remember some of his Electronic Gaming Monthly articles from 15 freakin' years ago).

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Google Updates Platform Distribution Stats - KitKat Still Growing, Jelly Bean Still Shrinking, Gingerbread Gets Surprise 0.1% Bump

It's that time again! Google has updated the developer dashboard with new platform distribution numbers, showing the current state of Android version distribution among devices that have recently checked in to the Play Store.

As expected, KitKat has grown a bit more, up to 20.9% now (vs 17.9% last month), while Jelly Bean is down from 56.5 to 54.2%. Still hanging above the 50% mark and encompassing 3 API levels, Jelly Bean is the new Gingerbread.

Froyo is hanging tight at 0.7%, while - confusingly - Gingerbread has grown 0.1% to 13.6%. Ice Cream Sandwich is continuing its own decline, dropping to 10.6% from 11.4% last month.

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10 Awesome Minimalistic Math And Numbers Games For Android

While I don't consider myself a hardcore gamer, I do tend to get quickly addicted to casual math games. Give me a set of numbers, some form of logic problem to solve in a few seconds or more, and I can start round after round, often resulting in hours of continuous play. I have tried dozens of math games for Android and kept finding myself drawn toward the most minimalistic ones. Below is a list of ten such games, with simple designs that don't detract your focus away from the riddles.

Countdown Maths Game Pro

Countdown Maths Game is the quintessential math game.

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Android Platform Distribution Numbers Updated - KitKat At 1.8%, Jelly Bean 60.7%, Gingerbread Slips To 20%

It's that time again - each month, Google updates the developer dashboard to reflect Android's latest platform distribution numbers, determined according to devices that have accessed the Play Store in a seven-day period.

Last month, we saw KitKat make a small leap to 1.4% - it's made another tiny gain, rising to 1.8% of devices, while Jelly Bean has gone from 59.1% up to 60.7%. Gingerbread meanwhile continues its death march, letting 1.2% slip through its icy grasp, falling to an even 20% of devices.


Ice Cream Sandwich has lost another 0.8%, while Honeycomb and Froyo remain unchanged, the latter somehow keeping grasp of 1.3% of devices that accessed the Play Store during the week ending on February 4th.

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Google Updates Android Platform Distribution Numbers - KitKat Makes Tiny Jump To 1.4%, Gingerbread Continues Decline

Each month, Google updates Android's platform distribution numbers according to devices that have accessed the Play Store in a seven-day period. January's updated pie chart has just hit, and things seem to be following a fairly predictable pattern.

KitKat, which was positioned at 1.1% last month, has eked out an additional 0.3% to reach 1.4%. Gingerbread, meanwhile, fell from 24.1% to 21.2%, continuing its gradual decline. Jelly Bean (including API levels 16-18) has actually grown to 59.1%, up from 54.5%, as manufacturers work to catch up to Android's latest and greatest.


As you may expect, older versions of Android continue to decline - Froyo is down 0.3% to 1.3% from last month, while Honeycomb hangs tight at 0.1%, and Ice Cream Sandwich struggles to maintain its foothold, falling from 18.6% to 16.9%.

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CyanogenMod Is Now Installed On Over 10 Million Android Devices

If you're a fan of the CyanogenMod family of custom Android ROMs, then you're in extremely good company. According to CyanogenMod's official statistics page, the ROM and its derivatives are now running on just over 10 million Android phones and tablets. Those statistics come from CyanogenMod users who voluntarily report activity via the built-in CMStats function, so the actual number of devices could be higher. CyanogenMod's head honcho and Cyanogen Inc. CTO Steve Kondik announced the news on Google+.


A few things to note: these numbers are for devices, not users, since one user with multiple smartphones or tablets running CyanogenMod will be counted twice.

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