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Dragon Anywhere Professional Voice Dictation App Now Available, But Requires A $15 Monthly Subscription

Nuance announced it was bringing its business-oriented voice dictation service Dragon Anywhere to Android back in August, and now it's finally here. The app is live in the Play Store, but it's not free. Dragon Anywhere requires a $15 monthly subscription, but you can give it a shot free for 7 days.


Nuance Announces Dragon Anywhere, Professional Voice Dictation For Mobile Devices Coming This Fall

Typing on a mobile device sucks. Various third-party keyboards have come up with various ways to get around this issue. With Dragon Anywhere, developer Nuance is bringing an entirely different approach to Android. You will simply dictate using your voice, and with any luck, it will actually work as expected.

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Nuance Updates Dragon Assistant To v4.0 With Custom Wake Up Word, Improved Email Dictation, And More

Nuance comes at voice interactions in a slightly different way with Dragon Assistant than Google does with Now. Google Now is a search tool first and foremost, but there are some assistant-type functions grafted on too. Dragon Assistant is more conversational and handles a few complex tasks very well. In fact, it just got a better at a number of things. Nuance is releasing a big 4.0 update on Google Play.

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This version brings more automation to the app so you'll hopefully have to touch your phone even less. The wake up word for Dragon's speech recognition engine can now be changed to whatever you want, even "Computer" in your best Captain Picard voice, if that's what you want (it is definitely what I want).

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Dragon Mobile Assistant Hits v3, Brings Location Sharing, Calendar Call Assistant, And Complete Hands-Free SMS

Nuance released its take on voice actions – Dragon Mobile Assistant – back in October of 2012, aiming to put "a Jarvis-like mini-mobile voice-enabled assistant" by your side. That's a huge order to fill, but the company is definitely edging towards a fully voice-controlled mobile, and today's update makes the app even more useful by adding a handful of new features.


Location Sharing and Friend Finder: Dragon now gives you the option to share your location or find your friends.  Just say “Tell John where I am,” and Dragon will send John a text with a link to your location on a map.  Need to meet John at a BBQ joint in the crowds of SXSW?

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Swype Beta Update Begins Rolling Out, Features Dragon GO! Integration And Support For Android 4.0

A new beta update for Swype has begun rolling out and will hit tester's handsets over the next 72 hours. The big changes, if you couldn't tell by the title, are Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) support and the integration of Dragon GO! - unsurprising, since Swype was purchased by Nuance and Dragon Dictation support has been rolled in since December. Specifically, the update adds functionality to the "Dragon" key which allows users to dictate speech using the infamous engine, as well as launch the Dragon GO! app.

Other improvements include improved prediction accuracy, and a few bugfixes regarding language modeling and dictionaries.

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[Update: Manual Download Added] Nuance Launches Dragon Go! - A Stellar Voice Recognition App For Android

Update: For anyone who can't install this because of geographical limitations, here is the apk for manual installation -- make sure to drop your results in the comments. Enjoy! Thanks, Nick!

Earlier today, popular voice recognition software corporation Nuance launched Dragon Go! by Nuance on the Android Market, bringing voice recognition that "just works" to the Android platform. Dragon Go! answers the users' queries by pulling data from a variety of sources, including Spotify, Wolfram|Alpha, Yelp, YouTube, AccuWeather,,, ESPN, Facebook, Fandango,, LiveNation,, OpenTable, Pandora, Rotten Tomatoes, Twitter, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Bing, and hundreds of others. Additionally, Dragon Go's "Dragon Carousel" software provides users with complementary results to compare information across the most relevant sites for their query.

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[Update: It's Confirmed] Nuance Reportedly Purchasing Swype For More Than $100 Million

Update: has confirmed the purchase with Nuance for "approximately $100 million". It's really real.

Nuance Communications. You probably know them as the company that makes Dragon Naturally Speaking, a speech recognition program. Well, they have another little known side project: Nuance loves keyboards. Like, really loves keyboards.

They own the T9 typing style and the company that invented it. They have their own Android keyboard called Flex T9. A little over a year ago, they bought Shapewriter, Swype's main competitor.

Apparently all that isn't enough to quench Nuance's insatiable lust for keyboards. According to Michael Arrington of Uncrunched, they've decided to drop a cool hundred million on Swype.

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