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Alleged Moto G Fourth-Gen Leaked Photos Show A Fingerprint Reader

Everything old is new again. If you'll recall, Motorola (before it was gobbled up by Google, then Lenovo) was one of the first Android manufacturers to use a fingerprint sensor. Oddly, they've now become one of the last hold-outs after more reliable technology has made mobile sensors much better. According to a few spy shots of what looks like a new Moto G redesign posted at, Motorola thinks it's just about time to bring them back.

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Photos Of HTC's A9 ('Aero') Phone Leaked Again From Multiple Sources

HTC has a new top-of-the-line phone brewing, and having apparently run out of new ways to talk about Duo cameras and metal alloys, they're opting to make it look like an iPhone. We got a peek at the HTC A9 back in August, and subsequently said, "yup, it looks like an iPhone." Unfortunately new leaks from two different sources aren't going to move that opinion, though they do give us a somewhat better view of the phone as a whole. A view that says "iPhone, but with huge bezels."

First up is Twitter leakster Evan Blass, who posted multiple tweets claiming that the phone is codenamed Aero and will be released in early November.

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More Photos Of (Probably) The Galaxy Note 5 Leak Via Chinese Accessory Company

There's a big Samsung event in New York City next month. It will probably be where the company announces its next-generation Galaxy Note series - though they seem to be a little early this time around, the latter half of the year is when Sammy likes to bust out its big phones. We've already seen some convincing photos of two phones identified as the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ (a super-sized version of the S6 Edge without the Note line's compulsory stylus). Now we're seeing even more of the former.

galaxy-note-5-leaked-1 galaxy-note-5-leaked-5 galaxy-note-5-leaked-6

Photos of an alleged Galaxy Note 5 popped up on French gadget site

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Alleged Photos Of HTC's M8 Again Show Dual Rear Cameras, On-Screen Buttons

HTC's upcoming M8 has been the topic of much speculation and many leaks (legitimate or otherwise) in recent weeks. @evleaks has shown us what is apparently HTC's latest Sense refresh for the unnamed device, confirming previous rumors that HTC would ditch capacitive keys in favor of on-screen navigation. We've also heard (and seen) rumors of dual rear-facing cameras.

Today, has published blurry photos that appear to reaffirm both rumors, showing dual rear cameras, on-screen buttons, and - contradicting the previous "leak," - a joined array of two flashes in a single, continuous oval.


Readers may recall the last "leak" we saw related to the dual rear cameras - in that photo, the device pictured looked much like the original HTC One, as the device above does.

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