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Uber Rewards loyalty program rolls out to all US riders

Uber Rewards was announced in November last year. The program grants points to Uber users for hailing rides or ordering food through Uber Eats, with perks increasing for higher dollar amounts spent. The program started rolling out in January, and Uber has announced that it's now available to all riders in the United States.

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Google Map Maker Now Available In The U.S. And 50 Other Countries

This last spring, a couple of trolls took to Google Map Maker and created a park that looked like a bugdroid peeing on an Apple logo. Google's reaction to this was removing the ability to make edits using Map Maker altogether, and the community was told that the feature would be added in at a later time. A couple of weeks ago the service came back to life in six countries: Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, India, the Philippines, and Ukraine. Notably missing from this list is the United States. Well as of yesterday, the USA and 44 other countries were added to the countries open to edits.

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Polaroid Announces Zip Instant Mobile Ink-Free Printer, Soon Shipping Socialmatic Camera

The current era may be captured by smartphones, but the previous one was caught on film by Polaroid. The company's cameras printed out photos just after they were captured, with photographers shaking the results to help them dry (a gesture Polaroid says can actually damage the picture these days).

A poorly-named successor aimed at hip, young smartphone users—the Socialmatic—has been in development to introduce this functionality to a new generation. Polaroid announced the Android-powered camera at last year's CES. This year it will soon be available from Polaroid (eventually), Amazon (January 15th) and Photojojo (end of this month) for $299.99. Polaroid sent out a press release today saying the product is now shipping, but none of the sites above have been updated to match this information.

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Dell Launches Wyse Cloud Connect, The Android-Powered Dongle Formerly Known As Project Ophelia, Priced At $129

Google's Chromecast is cheap and awesome, but it only performs a very specific set of functions, and even venturing out as far as tab casting gives murky results. Dell's Wyse Cloud Connect, formerly known as Project Ophelia, is a little dongle that can toss up a full Android desktop on any HDMI or MHL-enabled display, and it's now available for purchase. It comes with complete access to the Play Store, so you can use it to keep up with episodes of The Daily Show, listen to Lady Gaga, defend towers, or, you know, be productive.

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Dell Wyse Cloud Connect comes with PocketCloud pre-installed, which gives users remote access to physical or virtual desktops.

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Samsung Galaxy NX Android-Powered Camera Now Shipping From Amazon And Best Buy, Still Unavailable From Samsung And Other Retailers

Many of us have sacrificed point and shoot cameras for the smartphones in our pockets, but it will be a long time before they can compete with the more high-end options out there. So if you want an Android camera that can take truly phenomenal pictures, you may have to sacrifice the phone portion for the time being. Consider turning your attention to Samsung's Galaxy NX, a camera with a 20.3MP sensor, a 4.8-inch touchscreen, and Android 4.2.2. It's been available for pre-order for quite a while, but now you can buy it directly from Amazon or Best Buy and have it shipped right away



Samsung still lists the device as shipping in 4 - 6 weeks.

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7" Kindle Fire HDX Starts Shipping Today, Available Online Starting At $229.00 With Special Offers

The Kindle Fire HDX isn't your typical Android tablet, but it has largely been well-received by critics thus far and should make for an all around solid media consumption device. If you're already invested in Amazon's ecosystem, this is probably the best way to take advantage of it, for until Amazon drops an app for Instant Video into the Play Store, this is your only option for easily streaming those movies and TV shows to an Android tablet. The latest generation Kindle Fire is now ready to ship, so you can head over to Amazon right this moment and have a unit shipped your way today.

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Nexus 7 16GB Now In Stock On The Play Store

If you've been patiently waiting for the 16GB version of the Nexus 7 to make its way back into the Play Store, the wait is now over. The tablet dropped its "coming soon" status for "in stock" just a bit ago, and Google has already started sending out emails to users who signed up for updates on the device's status.


Still, if you don't want to wait for shipping, you may be better off hitting up the local Staples or Office Depot - we're still hearing word that many stores still have a stock of N7s to share with the world.

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